Companies are putting their best foot forward when it comes to the health of the planet we live on, and the well-being of our futures. Volvo and Casca footwear are teaming up to put their passions together, and not only helping people get to where they are going but doing it in a greener way. 

Following the huge success of Volvo’s first fully electric SUV, the brand is continuing to make headway with its sustainable initiatives: in celebration of World Car Free Day, Volvo has teamed up with Casca on a collaborative shoe. World Car Free Day is not exactly what it sounds like, Volvo isn’t giving away free cars, but the initiative was created as a way to bring awareness to air pollution, and as humans becoming more active. 

Now in 2021, over 2,000 cities worldwide celebrate this day and are committed to staking the turns that are needed to encourage Canadians to reduce their carbon footprint and do more walking or cycling instead of driving. 

A footwear brand and a car company may seem like an odd collaboration, but they both have the same mission statement, both companies are signing off on trying to limit their carbon footprints, for Volvo it being their lifecycle emissions and for Casca, it is the philosophy of buy less, waste less. 

Volvo and Casca have come together to create a shoe that represents both brands equally. Creating a design that is not only green, but showcases the best qualities of both brands, and yes a shoe can truly look and represent a car. 

Starting with the sole, which is made of 10% recycled tires, which gives new life and purpose to the recycled material. The upper is made from 7 recycled plastic bottles, helping reduce the amount on earth but also limiting the amount of non-renewable materials used. The way the shoe represents the car is through design. The linework and panelling can be represented with the headlights of the XC-40 Volvo giving the shoe a very performance-inspired style. Many more features like structure and stability, and sustainable and recycled packaging all represent the brands perfectly. 

Volvo and Casca are a match that shows what the future can look like, both companies have made promises that benefit the future of their clients. By 2025 Volvo plans to increase the use of recycled materials, while Casca visits each factory to ensure all employees are subject to ethical standards of living wages. 

The brand’s collaboration will be released on September 22nd and be sold at for $198. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine