The brand is also eco-conscious in the way they reduce food wastage and help rescue dogs

Plastic is indeed one of the biggest menaces that threaten our planet. Almost to the point that it is slowly choking our land and oceans. In times like this, we are in desperate need of business leaders who acknowledge and address this grave environmental concern.

EarthPup, a Toronto-based all-natural and eco-conscious dog treat company founded by Lucy Cullen, is a trailblazer in this regard. They have become the first Canadian pet food company to become certified Plastic Negative. EarthPup is working hand-in-hand with an international initiative named rePurpose Global to address the issue of plastic waste. The proudly Canadian pet food brand will fund the collection, processing, and reuse of twice as much plastic waste as it uses across its packaging and operations.

The certification is a bigger commitment to tackling the global issue by working with brands like Taka Taka Solutions based in Nairobi, Kenya. Through them, EarthPup supports the collection and processing of hard-to-recycle waste streams that are considered low value to be reclaimed from the environment (like chocolate wrappers and chips packets).

“Plastic waste is a global problem, not just a Canadian problem. Our waste may be generated here, in Canada, but a majority of it ends up being shipped out of sight to be dealt with by other countries. Developing nations, who are on the receiving end, typically lack the necessary infrastructure to handle more waste than their own. This results in the waste ending up back on our plates, here in Canada. This is how we know that our plastic problem is not country-specific. It’s global. And it’s growing exponentially, with developing countries bearing the brunt of it all. To solve this problem on a global scale, we need to empower plastic waste innovators in countries that have been forced to take on more waste than they can reasonably manage,” says Lucy Cullen.

If you think this is the first of Earthpup’s sustainability stories, you are in for a surprise. Each bag of treats also upcycles nearly half a pound of surplus vegetables that is destined to end up in landfills. To add to this, a share of their proceeds are kept aside for rehoming rescue dogs! “Our mission has always been to create a better future for our planet and for our pups. We believe pet food can be a tool for positive change,” said Lucy, in a statement.

In fact, Lucy’s work with sustainability goes further back to her co-founding Terus, a social enterprise that aims to reduce food wastage. Her new endeavour, EarthPup, is designed to be a great choice for eco-conscious pet owners in a threefold way — they are plastic negative, help reduce food wastage and help rehome dogs!