Scruffy mutt Bocce and his owner Andrea realized that many dogs treat companies do not put as much love into their products as owners do their dogs. As Bocce was gaining weight, Andrea wanted to find the reason; that reason being the ingredients and preservatives in his dog treats that he just loved so much. 


Bocce’s bakery started by Andrea and her sister Natalia, when they decided to make their own treats for their beloved dog Bocce, that way they knew what they were feeding him, and they wouldn’t need to feel guilty for giving him so many, because he is such a good boy! 

Bocce’s bakery is a whimsical dog treat brand that has fresh, simple and all-natural ingredients, that are baked into different shapes to make giving treats as much fun as eating them (for the dogs of course!) Having expanded their company Bocce now has multiple treat options by type, diet and flavour. In shapes like B for Bocce, or bones and hearts, these treats are sure to fit any dog, with any preference, and the best part is they are made with ingredients you know and trust. 


Making treat’s that are non-harmful to your dog is important, what ingredients have you noticed are best for these treats and give your dog all the benefits?

We start each recipe with the highest quality ingredients— think nitrate-free bacon, peanut butter made with only freshly roasted peanuts, antibiotic-free chicken and beef… all sourced in the USA 

Many treats are made to look healthy- what makes your treats truly healthy, when it comes to what is in them, and how they are made?

All of our treats are wheat-free and made with 100% real ingredients—baked in the USA. Our treats are made with limited ingredients— no artificial ‘flavourings’, or fillers here.


The treats you make are healthy in terms of ingredients, but are there any added vitamins or minerals that are beneficial to our pets?

Who said treats can’t be good for your pup, too? In our DAILIES line  – we use ingredients like omega-3s and flaxseed to promote healthy skin and coat, anti-inflammatory turmeric and healthy immune-boosting probiotics and glucosamine for support of healthy joints.

Creating a company named after your own dog and in partnership with your sister shows a lot of care when it comes to the company. What do you want pet owners and their pets to benefit from when using your brand?

Better food with fresher, simpler, all-natural ingredients. We believe in high-quality ingredients, small batches, fun recipes and locally sourced ingredients. We both want the same for your pup— the very best.