Is there a hair colour you’ve always wanted to have? Maybe you want to embrace your natural hair texture or you want to do something drastic. Whatever it may be, you might have some reservations about doing it, especially if you’ve never done it before. Here are some easy steps you can take so that you can rock any hair you want. 


The first thing you want to focus on is confidence. Confidence is internal, it needs to be cultivated inside so that you can make authentic choices externally. The more authentic you are to yourself, the happier and more liberated you will feel. If one of the reasons you aren’t rocking the hair you want to right now is because you feel a lack of confidence or that you don’t feel quite brave enough to make that move, start cultivating confidence. 

You can do this by making yourself a priority. Put yourself first, and then everything else becomes secondary. This means that you need to take into account your mental, emotional, and physical well-being before you then begin to think or worry about others. Prioritize time for yourself every day, this could be spent, reading, meditating, journaling, exercising. Any activity that makes you feel more like you will begin to build up your confidence. When you begin to internalize that you are the number one person in your life, it will become the norm for you to make choices that reflect your authentic self. You will gain the confidence to go for any hair you desire. 


If you’re looking to go for a drastic change, you might want to do your research first. If you’re looking to get new hair color, maybe collect some pictures of hair that are similar to what you want. Getting inspiration and ideas online is an easy way to create a vision or look that you can then present so that others will be able to understand clearly. You can then take these pictures to a hairstylist to have a consultation. They will be able to talk you through how long this will take, the price, and the process. They might even be able to show you some hair samples so that you can see how a new color would look on you. If you have been wanting to go for a transplant, do your research and check the price of a hair transplant, you might ask family or friends for their experiences. If you don’t have any, you could go online where there are a ton of reviews, articles, and videos where people discuss their treatment. 

Consulting with professionals is great as they will be able to impart their experience and wisdom and offer you advice that is suited to you. Don’t be afraid to speak to a few different people if you feel that someone isn’t a fit for you, or doesn’t quite get your vision. Knowing how long a process will take and any potential risks is key as it means that you can make an informed decision. 


If you have finally decided to embrace the natural texture of your hair but are a little afraid because you’ve spent your entire life straightening, curling, and treating it. That’s normal. Having to change your entire hair routine and figure out a new hair to wash and style your hair can be a little overwhelming. Hair will often react differently to different ingredients and products. You will very likely have to go on a journey until you figure out what your hair likes and doesn’t like. Embrace every stage of the process, it may be confusing or frustrating sometimes but as you go on you will begin to reap the fruits. Your hair will begin to look healthier, shinier, and luscious. 

Over time, as you embrace your natural hair you will realize that your hair care is a lot easier. Because you don’t need to straighten or style your hair all the time, your getting ready time can be slashed in half. 


Taking care of the health of your hair both inside and out is important. Our external body often reflects our internal health. Make sure you are eating well, taking any vitamins or minerals necessary, and applying treatments if needed. You can use oils or even food items like yogurt and egg to provide hair nourishment. 

Whatever kind of hair you want to rock, go for it. Don’t be concerned with others not liking it or it not being popular. It’s your head and you get to decide what to do with it. Lean into your inner confidence, do some research, and rock it.