In an age where consumers value transparency more than ever, the need for brands to align with the growing demand of ethical practices has become extremely relevant. envello is an eco-friendly Canadian brand, known for its premium bedding and bath products. Sheryn Saab, third-generation Colombian textile entrepreneur, established envello as a wellness-oriented business.

Saab was first inspired to create bedding when she noticed the lack of high-quality and affordable bedding. Recognizing the need to improve the experience of linen shopping, Saab saw an opportunity to create a niche market segment. Saab’s ability to embrace the correlation between wellness and bedding has allowed envello to develop high-quality products designed for a better quality of life. With a strong belief in the power of a good night’s rest, envello’s mission is to provide products at an affordable price to make a comfortable sleeping more accessible. As a wellness-oriented brand, envello believes that quality sleep can have a positive impact on various aspects of your life, including mood and mental health. 

envello takes its reputation as an artisanal brand very seriously, explaining the extreme dedication they put into developing top-quality products. The brand explains that there are three simple reasons as to why they believe you should be interested in its products. Firstly, all sheets use long-staple cotton, allowing for durable, soft-feeling sheets. Secondly, envello bedding is made with single-ply yarn, attributing to the luxurious texture of the sheets. And lastly, all sheets have a three hundred thread count, as envello believes this is the best amount, creating a product that isn’t too heavy or too light, but just right. 

During this time, supporting Canadian brands is one of the beneficial contributions we as Canadians can do to support our community. The effects of supporting local-Canadian brands can be instrumental in rebuilding the strength of our community. envello goes beyond being a bedding and bath brand, by devoting its mission to the possibilities their products can unlock. Through the promotion of wellness, envello has demonstrated an exemplary approach to helping the lives of Canadians in these difficult times. To learn more about envello, you can go to their online store (

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