Established in Montreal, Quebec, Maison Tess is an innovative bedding brand devoted to developing authentic, ethically sourced products. Unique in every aspect, Maison Tess has made it their mission to help embrace diversity by creating products for all kinds of lifestyles. Maison Tess believes the home is an extension of your personality and lifestyle, making it all the more important for it to be to your liking. By living by the philosophy, “Home is where the authenticity is,” Maison Tess aims to embody this saying in all aspects of its work. 

All products are designed in Montreal, where they are then sent to a family-owned manufacturing company in Portugal. Maison Tess believes products should be delivered through a direct-to-consumer approach. The direct-to-consumer approach is an innovative business model that allows manufacturers to deliver products directly to consumers. This model allows for quicker delivery of products to consumers and majorly attributes to the transparency Maison Tess has with its customers. 

Offering a wide variety of bedding, in various materials, and colours. Maison Tess understands that customers will have different requests based on personal taste. Its latest collection offers bedding in coco linen, washed linen, and sateen cotton. The Coco linen collection is the perfect material for the look of linen, but the feel of cotton. This beautiful collection comes in Blush, Teal, Olive, and Amber.  On the other hand, if you enjoy a luxurious look and feel, the washed linen may be more suited to your liking. And lastly, the sateen cotton, designed for those seeking both luxury and elegance, the premium sateen cotton is embroidered with two distinctive chrome borders. At Maison Tess, all products are designed to be durable and high quality without the compromisation of style. 

Be sure to also check out one of their latest products, the Muslin Cotton bathrobe. With its extra soft and breathable fabric, the bathrobe is effortless, comfy, and chic — the perfect compliment to your sheets!

Maison Tess strives to develop bedding that will help create the atmosphere you deserve at home. With few like it, Maison Tess proves that an innovative approach creates the best, top of the line products. To view further information on this prodigious brand, you can view Maison Tess’ products on its online store (

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