Disclaimer: dressing or looking expensive does not determine your worth in society, but sometimes it feels nice to look like you have it all put together. Dressing luxe could be considered a form of self-care, if you ask me. It can result in feeling better inside. Although material things are not the answer to happiness and outer beauty does not conquer inner beauty, it’s helpful to express your inner worth outwardly.


You know those moments where you walk by somebody and instantly think what they’re wearing must’ve costed a fortune? To be honest, most of the time people probably have you fooled. There are a lot of ways to look like a million bucks without actually spending it—because God knows most of us don’t have it. 

Most things I’m going to mention probably already exist in your closet. Here are some transformative tips that can help you stay effortlessly chic on a daily basis.


Get your clothing tailored

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be frustrating to make clothes work for you. You might see it on the model and then when you try it on you find it looks sloppy. Get your clothing synched, sized, and cut to fit your body right. These minor alterations can make a huge difference in your silhouette. 


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Invest in a structured bag

Structured handbags are timeless and depict a very chic look. They range from sizes small to large, find what works for you. I find the classiest colours are neutral shades, such as black, white, grey, or brown. Besides, these colours tend to stay around from season to season. 


Look for pointed-toe shoes

When on the hunt for new booties, heels, or flats, be sure to keep an eye out for a pointed-toe. You can easily dress up a look with a pair of these bad boys. They have the power to take an ensemble and make it fancy and chic. I find rounded-toe shoes are falling into the category of casual, for now at least. 

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Choose a bold lip colour

On a night out, instead of sticking to a clear gloss or an everyday nude, try to amplify your look with a bold lipstick. Now that we’re heading into the colder months, it’s easier to pull off darker shades. A classic red lip has power written all over it. If you aren’t comfortable with red, try dabbling in browns or berry shades.


Wear heels, short or tall

If you’re not comfortable with a lot of height, opt for shorter chunky heels. Any heel will work for this tip. There’s something about that added height that feels powerful. Not only does it elongate your legs, but it also elevates your outfit.


Have a signature scent

Nothing is better than pairing a nice outfit with a fresh fragrance. Let people know you’re in the building.


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Rock classic coats

Coat season gives you a lot of leverage. Who cares what you’re wearing underneath? A classic leather jacket, peacoat, trench, or parka can do wonders to an outfit.


Invest in accessories

If you can, try investing in accessories rather than clothing. You will get more wear out of accessories and can pair them with multiple outfits. Adding a bit of luxe to an otherwise affordable get-up can increase the value of your look. 


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