Pretty Little Thing is the brand that is blowing up all over social media, from famous faces to all your friends, everyone visits PLT website for all the new looks, inspo and much more. From starting strong with clothing, and now expanding into accessories and even home decor, there is no better way to create a brand edit than with a local Toronto influencer. PLT has made Aneeqa the first Canadian influencer, brand ambassador where you will see Aneeqa serve looks in all things PLT. 


What does it mean to you that you have become PLT’s first Canadian brand ambassador?

I am so extremely honoured to be the first Canadian-based edit for PLT. Having a collection of my own was a dream of mine growing up and to be collaborating on it today with one of the biggest brands in the fashion industry has me feeling so thrilled. I kept telling myself all of 2021 that I needed to move to LA to level up to the next step with my career, so to know that they chose me out of all the influencers whilst I’m in Canada makes me feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

Can you describe your ‘edit’ and tell us about the style and inspiration behind these looks?

This edit displays very mature yet sexy energy. It’s comprised of many neutral tones (nudes, browns, etc.), and a lot of silk giving a very sultry vibe. I made sure the collection mirrors my sense of style perfectly and I carefully selected each item to ensure my girls embrace their divine self all whilst looking classy and feeling confident.


You are open about body positivity on your Instagram, what do you hope to do as a brand ambassador for PLT and women struggling with body positivity?

The media today has made it difficult for women to accept their bodies as we are always comparing ourselves to what society labels as “perfect”. Well, perfect is always changing and things will be a fad one day and the next day you’ll realize something new is in. It’s not easy feeling the pressure every time you open up your social and attempting to fit in with unrealistic expectations.

I’ve always been very transparent on my platform with what my insecurities are and encourage women to embrace and love themselves as these imperfections are what make us all unique. I believe fashion is something many women use to express their beauty and it helps them feel more confident. Wearing a selection of clothes from PLT is definitely flattering on any body type and can make all women feel confident and embrace their true powerful selves.

 Fashion is an important part of your image, what has PLT given you the opportunity to do with fashion?

Fashion has always been a HUGE part of my life. It’s not just something that people see from the exterior. It means something way deeper to me that not everyone in my life has been able to fully understand. It gives me an escape, a place where I can be myself and express how I truly feel within.

Overall, art, in general, is something that has healed me from any form of sadness and gives me hope and inspiration to dream and achieve. To be recognized and chosen by PLT has given me the confidence and motivation to keep pushing further as I know this opportunity has shown me, I am on the path that is meant for me and that with passion everything will align.