It’s that time of year where getting the flu is more likely to happen to you or someone close to you. No one wants to get the flu; but if you’re not prepared for it, then you’ll be unfortunate enough to get it. Getting the flu sucks— you become a sneezing tired mess for an undetermined amount of time, and can only hope that you get better sooner than later.

Of course, the best thing you can do to keep the flu at bay is by getting your flu shot as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the flu shot is not as foolproof as you may think. It can’t keep every strain of the flu away, which is a frustrating fact in and of itself. So if you get the flu shot and find that you’re getting sick anyways, it’s time for plan B.

Your best option for a plan B is to reach for elderberry extract. For many years now, this product has been named as a great natural option to treat the flu. It was once thought of as nothing more than an unproven old wives tales, yet the evidence is there to show its effectiveness. But why exactly is that?

Via Cleveland Clinic

Research has shown that consuming elderberry extract reduces the severity of one’s flu symptoms, as well as how long they last. It’s believed that this berry in particular is likely to block out the function of specific glycoprotein spikes that’s found in influenza viruses. This is key because when this occurs, the virus is unable to attach to the body’s cells. It also boosts your immune system overall, which can help you recover from the flu faster. All in all, elderberry extract is the best product to help get rid of the flu in a timely manner!

Having said that, medical experts still stress that getting your annual flu shot is the best way to keep the pesky virus away. After all, elderberry extract is good at treating the flu— not preventing it. Also, if you have an autoimmune disease, it’s best to speak with your doctor or another medical professional before you begin consuming elderberry extract. That’s because it may make your flu symptoms worse.

If you find yourself with the flu— and have been given the greenlight to begin taking it— then start consuming elderberry extract as soon as possible. Follow the dosage and take it soon. That’s because the sooner you begin this regimen, the sooner the flu will go away.


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