Snowboarding and lifestyle brand Burton just released a collection designed in collaboration with the legendary heavy metal band, Metallica. A collection that will electrify the hills this season, it pays tribute to the fearless icons of rock with a unisex board, bindings, outwear, and accessories. 

It features special graphics by Pushead, a well-known artist within the punk and heavy metal culture. 

The band has been one of the biggest selling acts in American history, they were born on October 28, 1981. Ever since, they became one of the greatest icons of heavy metal around the world, with millions of fans. What the band represents is a great thing to portray in snowboarding items that also bring out the same electrifying feeling as their music. 

Burton’s team is made up of real athletes. They’re world champions, innovators, and leaders in the sport, which makes them the perfect ambassadors for all things Burton. Their mission is to innovate and change the way people enjoy the outdoors since day one. 

The collection includes all types of pieces. From snowboards and equipment to clothing items and other accessories. There’re two different snowboard designs for you to choose the style that matches your personality and your view of the sport and the band best. 

A necessity to tackle the snowy mountains is good snowboard bindings. In this collection, you can find Burton’s Step On Re: Flex Snowboard Binding with a very unique and edgy Metallica design for you to stand out in the mountains and hit the trail. 

If you are passionate about the sport, you know travelling is a big part of it. There are different places to go to find the best trails. This collection includes a wheelie double deck 86L travel bag, so you can rock the graphics and get around with everything you need. You can also find the Sleyton 18L packable hip pack to take just what you need to spend a day in the mountains. 

You may be a fan of the band, but you don’t do snowboarding; the collection still has something for you. The t-shirt and the beanie are great clothing accessories that will give you the graphics of your favourite band and keep you in style at the same time. With lower temperatures, a jacket is a must in your wardrobe, and Burton’s Metallica Dunmore jacket is a great piece to keep you warm, and edgy looking during the winter. 

This collab is ideal for everyone who’s a fan of the band, the sport, or both. You can find it available at the Burton website with details and all the info you need about the pieces.