Depending on where you live in the world or where you live in Canada the snow has already fallen, and just in time, Burton has you covered with the most stylish and warmest jackets, snow pants and more, for you to let out your inner child and have some fun in the snow. 

Not only can adults have fun in the snow but Burton has styles for everyone from boys and girls and even cute little suits for the infants of the family. Burton was created by Jake in Vermont in 1977, showcasing his passion for everything snow and his love for the sport of snowboarding. For 40 years Burton has been the leading expert in everything sport, showcasing how the journey is the best part. Burton has brought a community of sport-loving people together to embrace their love of snow, the outdoors and sharing adventures all around the world. As avid lovers of the outdoors Burton has become a sustainable brand, that takes responsibility for its actions, not only for its sports, the people, but the world and environment that has become their playground and foundation. 

Women’s Amora Puffy Jacket $379:

With its geometric design, the Amora Puff is the perfect jacket to keep you warm while staying stylish. The 250g downed jacket has mid to heavy warmth capabilities that are perfect for Canadian winters, and it is also waterproof. The jacket comes in black, wavveess and silver birch, with a detachable hood. 

Men’s Breaker GORE-TEX 3L Jacket $679:

This GORE-TEX shell is guaranteed to keep you dry whether you are on and off the slopes or just having a snowball fight. The regular fit jacket allows you to move freely but isn’t baggy, with its contoured hood you can adjust it and wear it with a helmet. The workwear-inspired design has a futuristic feel and comes in 3 colours nine iron, tetra orange and martini olive. 

Boys’ Burton Symbol Jacket $159:

The boys’ Burton is perfect for those snow days at home where you spend the whole day outside. The Dryride technology is highly breathable, waterproof and quick drying. The boys’ jacket is perfect for those in-between ages where he might be growing from one season to the next, giving you an extra 1.5 inches in sleeve length to extend. 

Girls’ Elodie Jacket $159:

The girls’ jacket has the perfect styling with a subtle herringbone pattern. A great fit for growth, with 1.5 inches to extend the arm length. The jacket comes in an array of colours and is a waterproof and breathable fabric. Including dry ride fabric that allows for quick drying for those long days in the snow. 

Infants’ Buddy Bunting Suit $119:

The buddy suit is perfect to keep your bundle of joy all bundled up and cozy for the chilly snow. With Thermacore ECO, your baby will stay warm, while the suit has breathable capabilities and is lightweight. The unisex bunting suit comes in a few colour and design options for your little baby boy or girl.

Article published by HOLR Magazine