Canadian winters can be challenging, and wearing the wrong outfit on your day out in the cold could lead to never wanting to go out again. But Burton wants to make your days a little less cold, and even a bit more stylish. 

Burton has released its 2021 base layer collection and we have the scoop and looks for you to browse. Base layers are the most important part of any day out in the cold, and much of what you are going to be doing depends on what layers you may or may not need. 

Burton has released a base layers guide to help any outdoors person adjust to the needs of themselves based on activity and weather. The first idea is body temperature. Are you someone who runs cold, or hot? If you run cold even when at max activity rate then a Burton base layer is something to invest in. 

Now, what about the weather? Are you snowboarding, hiking? Is the weather raining or damp? If you answered yes, then a base layer would be a perfect fit for you. 

Now that you know you need a base layer, it’s time to tell you all about them from the fit, to feel. The base layer is always the most important, it’s against your skin which means it needs to feel comfortable, and should both contain heat but take away sweat. That means that the fabric is super important. 

Natural and synthetic fibres mix together to make the best base layer. Natural fibres like wool retain the heat and repel the wet, synthetic fibres help by being lightweight and fast drying. Burton uses Polartec for high-performance base layers that work for any activity. 

Now the fit. Base layers being the closest to your body should fit snug and not too baggy allowing for room between layers. Having a lightweight base layer allows for more room for other layers, whether you’re pairing it with a fleece over top or just a shell jacket.

Base layers come in all different styles, colours and even weights based on how you like to layer. They also come with different features like stink proofing and thumbhole cuffs. Each base layer is unique to the person’s desired fit and feel, and Burton products are bluesign approved. Bluesign are approved fabrics that are manufactured, ensuring that the blend between natural and synthetic fabrics is safe for the environment and the person wearing it.

If you’re gearing up for next winter and expect to be out in the cold, don’t forget to get yourself a proper base layer from Burton, their new base layer collection for 2022 will be dropping in August/September 2021.

Check out Burton’s guide to base layering here.