There’s no denying. A girl like Emily Ratajkowski has the privilege of looking spectacular without tons of makeup on thanks to some really, really good genes. Nonetheless, we think there is a big message to take away from her approach to evening makeup.

It is so minimal. 

Emrata uses the essentials to make her face look fresh but polished at the same time. From what we can tell, blush and a bronzer are essential to her youthful glow. What makes it look so minimalistic is the selective use of eye make up. Top liner is left out, but special attention is paid to her shadow and lashes. This gives the awake and large look to her eyes without thick dramatic liner.

And, what usually completes an evening look is almost always completely left out- lipstick.


Here are pictures for proof:

emily1 emily3


emily6 emily5


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Written by: Julia Shelton