Eminem Files a Lawsuit Against RHOP Stars Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon

Legendary rapper Eminem has filed a protective order against Real Housewives of Potomac stars, Gizelle and Robyn over rights to use “Shady” in their new podcast.

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As everyone knows, “Slim Shady” has been the longtime alias of Eminem’s since the 90’s so it comes as no surprise that there might be some copyright infringement here.

But is there really?

According to Entertainment Tonight, the dispute began over the trademark application for the RHOP stars new podcast ‘Reasonably Shady.’

To which, Eminem has understandably contested since February of this year.

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Lawsuit Details

However, the details as far as what has been made public record states that,

First, Eminem [real name Marshall Mathers III] filed the protective order on Dec. 15.

However, this wasn’t just about the use of ‘Shady’ but also because the rapper was against appearing in person for a deposition.

And the reasons are questionable at best.

Firstly, lawyers for Mathers have cited the request for appearance at a deposition is ” unduly burdensome.”

Secondly, they are also calling the deposition “premature and procedurally improper.”

Thirdly, the documents cite that alternative options had been put forward by the singer and so had Paul Rosenberg.

A longtime friend and manager of Eminem whose expertise in these matters would benefit everyone.

But lawyers for Bryant and Dixon are taking a different view on the situation.

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Eminem 2023

Meanwhile, attorney Andrea H. Evans also spoke with ET to issue a statement on the situation.

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Credit Image: RHO Potomac Fans @ rhopotomac

And Ms Evans is calling the protective order “ridiculous” in light of the reasons cited in the motion.

“We believe that Mathers gave instruction to file this opposition against our clients but is not willing to meet any of the individual obligations that go with such a filing, including, sitting for deposition.”

Evans added that should this motion be granted; it could set an unreasonable legal precedent to anyone who files an opposition and encourage people to not do the minimum legal requirement.

Such as being available for a deposition.

Is Eminem being unreasonable in this regard?

RHOP Gizelle and Robyn

Lastly, neither Gizelle nor Robyn is asking for anything major in this regard either.

Instead, only wish to question Mathers about his legal ownership of the trademarks Slim Shady and Shady.

Sounds reasonable right?

Ms Evans concluded her statement by saying,

“It’s unclear to us that Mathers can be the owner of the trademarks and file this suit against our clients, but he will not make himself available to be deposed.”

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