“Their music moved generations and influenced so many artists that followed.” John Sykes, chairman of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, said in a statement.

Welcome to the honorary class of 2022. The 37th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rolled out the inductees list on Wednesday, May 4th. “This diverse group of inductees each had a profound impact on the sound of youth culture and helped change the course of rock & roll,” John Sykes added.

Established in 1983 by a group of the music industry’s notables – some from Atlantic Records and The Rolling Stone Magazine, the hall began inductions in 1986.

The eclectic mashup list of inductees from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was announced yesterday by the music industry. The Rock Hall as it is sometimes referred to will induct the artist’s names into the legendary music museum. So far there has been 351 inductees to date.

Some of the artists featured on the Rock Hall list include: Rock’s Pat Benator and her music partner and husband, Neil Giraldo,

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame List 2022

Courtesy: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2022.

British New Wave Band, Duran Duran and the British Group – Eurythmics 

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Class of 2022

Courtesy: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2022

Rapper Eminem, Pop and RnB Singer, Writer Lionel Ritchie and more.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Class of 2022

Courtesy: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2022

Folk Singer, Carly Simon, American-Jamaican Calypso Singer and Activist, Harry Belafonte.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - 2022

Courtesy: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Many on this year’s list include first timers, artists and musicians: Producers & Writers, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Eurythmics, Duran Duran and Dolly Parton to name a few.

Dolly Parton who is also inducted into the Country Hall of Fame, made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on her first try.

Back in March when the nominees were announced, Parton didn’t feel her acknowledgement was worthy. Parton had previously posted on her Twitter account of the  process saying she “did not want votes to be split” meaning to take away from the other nominees. The legendary country singer added, “I must respectfully bow out.”

She posted on her Twitter that she did not want to take away from the other inductees who she feels “may be more deserving.” That said, now it’s official that Parton will be inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame along with her peers. She recently responded by saying that she is ‘humbled and honored’ to accept the 2022 induction.

Hard Rock Group, Judas Priest and RnB Duo, Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam were selected as the recipients to be inducted into the category of ‘Musical Excellence Award.’

Lead vocalist for Judas Priest Robert Halford thanked the committee by saying to Billboard, “That’s totally unexpected. That’s just a very extra thrill to have that. They really look at you beyond the simple band that you are.”

The nominees were originally announced back in February. The criteria for artist selection can be inducted into four categories: Performer, Early Influence, Non-Performer and Side-Men. The main essential each person must have is – they released their first commercial record at least 25 years ago.

The 1,200 plus voting body consists of more than 1,000 artists, historians, and music industry professionals who make up the decision process.

The honorary induction ceremony will take place later this fall on Saturday, November 5th, in Los Angeles.

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