Did Eminem die?

According to this article, there is a rumor running rampant online that rapper Eminem passed away on December 10, 2023.

Is Eminem Really Dead?

Image Credit: @eminem Instagram

Eminem Is He Dead

As noted in the article, this rumor alleges that the rapper passed away this past weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. Allegedly, Eminem’s Wikipedia page was also edited to showcase that he passed away. However, this has since been corrected.

This rumor went wild online and sent internet users into a frenzy as they didn’t know what to believe. However, it has since been revealed that Eminem did not die and is just the latest victim of a death hoax.

Eminem Dead

People took to social media to discuss the wild alleged news and make memes about Eminem’s rumored passing and subsequent Wikipedia page being edited.

As the article also notes, this is not the first time Eminem has been the victim of an online death hoax. Back in August of  2023, an “R.I.P. Eminem” Facebook page went viral claiming that Eminem passed on August 19. The page got almost a million likes even though it ended up being fake.

The internet can calm down knowing Slim Shady is still alive- it was all just a rumor.

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