UPDATED] 40 Classic Hogwarts Tattoos

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Are you a long-time fan of the Harry Potter stories? Whether you grew up reading the tales or encountered the young wizard and his friends for the first time on the cinema screen, you’re one of the millions of people worldwide with whom the stories resonate.

If you’re looking for a truly special way to mark your super fan status, and are contemplating a tattoo as a way to do so, then deciding on the design could be tricky. The books are rich in symbolism, diverse characters, spells, and beautiful imagery, all of which could be the basis of an inking. We can help you out – below are some of the best and most beautiful Harry Potter tattoos to inspire you.

Harry Potter Glasses with Lightning Bolt

If you’d like something small and subtle, how about a simple rendering of the famous Harry Potter round, full-rim glasses with a tiny lightning bolt above to signify the young wizard’s famous scar? This popular tat is a discreet way to mark your love of the stories and looks fabulous on the inside of the wrist or the ankle.

If you fancy adding a little color to this design, you could also incorporate the Hogwarts scarf, in maroon and yellow stripes, just below the Harry Potter glasses, or add a few stars and sparkles around the design for added magic.

The Dark Mark

Fancy something a little darker? How about the Dark Mark tattoo, a design incorporating a skull with a hissing snake emanating from its jaws? In the books, the Dark Mark symbolizes a character’s allegiance to Lord Voldemort – it was branded on the inner arm and could be used to summon him.

Those who choose this inking often do so as a way to express their triumph over a challenge or adversity or to demonstrate the importance of balance.

Horizontal Wand with Symbol

This tattoo design features a horizontal wooden wand with several symbols linked to the world of Harry Potter suspended from it – something like a charm bracelet. The beauty of this tat is that you can choose the symbols to include that have the most meaning to you and can even add to them over time.

As an example, the design could incorporate five symbols: the Sorting Hat, the Golden Snitch, a pair of Harry Potter glasses, the Deathly Hallows sign, and Potter’s owl, Hedwig. This inking looks particularly striking across the shoulder blades.

Hogwarts Outline

A subtle, pretty design, a line drawing of the outline of Hogwarts, complete with its famous turrets and towers, is a unique way to express your super fan status. This tattoo is for those looking for a minimalist, simple inking.

And if you’d like to add a bit more color and detail, there’s plenty of opportunity to do so: from lighting up a few of the windows to adding some shading to the surrounding night sky, you’re free to customize this tat in near-infinite ways.

Harry Potter Quote

Is there a particular line from the books or movies that’s always meant a lot to you? Perhaps it’s a phrase that’s helped you to remember during tough times or that you’ve found inspiring. If this is the case, then a simple calligraphic inking of this quote could be ideal, perhaps bookended by a pair of Harry Potter glasses and another symbol from the stories.

This type of tattoo looks stunning running vertically down the length of the spine or the inner arm – although it’s versatile enough to fit just about anywhere on the body.

The Patronus

In the stories, Harry Potter’s patronus is a magical, majestic stag that appears at key points in the tales. Patronus tattoo designs are enduringly popular among the Potter fandom and can be executed in various ways, from a detailed colored depiction to a simple monochrome outline.

Some of the most beautiful designs feature the patronus as a smoky blue outline, often incorporating other symbols from the books, such as the mark of the Deathly Hallows, a pair of Harry Potter glasses, or the words of a spell.

Your Hogwarts House

Do you identify as a member of Gryffindor, or are you more of a Hufflepuff? Getting a tattoo that represents ‘your’ Hogwarts house is a fun way to commemorate your love of the Harry Potter universe.

Alternatively, opt for a shield of arms that incorporates the symbols of all four houses. This tattoo can be as subtle or as bold as you like, both in terms of size and color.

Harry Potter-Inspired Tattoos – Magical Inkings

Tattoos have long been used to express allegiance or love: so if the Harry Potter stories mean a lot to you and you’re thinking about getting an inking, a design featuring an element from this wizarding world could be perfect.

The ideas above can be used as inspiration – the beauty of tats is that they can be endlessly customized to represent your personality, style, and what matters to you. So take this inspiration as a jumping-off board, and have fun designing your very own uniquely magical Harry Potter inking. 

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