Students, don’t waste your time during the Coronavirus outbreak on your phones. Take time to rest from the stress, of course! But don’t spend your time mindlessly scrolling on Instagram and numbing out on Netflix.

With all of this extra free time, it is the perfect opportunity to learn skills that will help you land your dream job in the future! Ever wanted to learn graphic design? Photography? How to sing or play an instrument? Coding? Now’s the time! All it will take to learn a trade during the Coronavirus is a small dose of daily practice.

Here’s a list of FREE resources to give you a head start on learning a hobby during the Coronavirus :

  • Coding : Here are 12 sites that will teach you coding at low cost, even free.
  • Effortlessly build a blog or website with MangoMatter Media.
  •  Learn a new language with the free Duolingo app.
  •  SAT prep with the Khan Academy.
  •  Listen to top college course lectures with Academic Earth.
  •  Become a photographer on these 10 sites.
  •  Become the graphic designer you’ve always wanted to be – for free – on Canva.
  •  Take free singing lessons!
  •  Sign up for free music and art lessons.