With Summer in the air and Canadians dreaming about fruity cocktails on a warm day, HOLR is sharing the perfect cocktail to kickstart your summer!

The Bourbon Blackberry Smash cocktail, created by Frankie Solarik is filled with vibrant flavours including roasted notes of whisky and slight tones of natural acidity of blackberry bubly drops, infused with crisp green mint.

bubly drops are now available in Canada with six new flavours that you can pick from, including grapefruit bubly™, blackberry bubly™, lime bubly™, strawberry bubly™, orange bubly™, and cherry bubly™, all of which contain no calories, no sweeteners, no artificial flavours and can give you all the endless cocktail possibilities while also helping to save the planet.

Bourbon Blackberry Smash

3oz Blackberry sparkling water
1/2tsp blackberry bubly drops
1 3/4oz Bourbon
1/2oz Maraschino
5 Fresh mint leaves
2 Lime wheels
1/2oz star anise syrup

Carbonate your sparkling water to medium carbonation using your SodaStream. Add 1/2tsp blackberry bubly drops to the bottle. Place bourbon, maraschino, star anise syrup, and 5 mint leaves in Collins glass, muddle and fill glass with ice. Add 2 lime wheels, and top with 3oz Blackberry sparkling water and blackberries. Garnish with fresh mint and zest of lime, discarding zest. Serve.