We all know someone who loves to fly around in winters to brave the daunting, frigid temperatures. The virgin white beauty of winters increases their travel appetite incessantly leading to yet another adventure. Before any flights are booked they book our persons to accompany them to their crazy, adrenaline-rush-filled escapades. Moreover, they put our amazing packing services to use.

 If you can relate to this scenario, or you are headed off to a ski destination alone and looking for advice to packing the right active outdoor gear for winter; or you simply want to buy a gift for your outdoorsy friend who loves to spend winter time on slippery, icy slopes this read is just right for you.

We know that every winter sport, may it be skiing, snowboarding, and snow-capped mountain hikes demand weather-appropriate clothing and equipment. To minimize your effort, we have put together a list of outdoor gear to help you quickly shop and pack without forgetting the essentials for your next wintry, mountainous expedition.


Exposure to severe cold can be painful and numbing for our hands and also quite distracting. The solution being high-quality gloves that are known for their waterproofness and durability. These gloves should be a snug-fit for utmost thermoregulation and blockage of bone-chilling wind, keeping hands warm. The moisture-wicking quality of these gloves repels sweat and keeps hands dry.


To fight off extreme cold another option that you should consider investing in are a pair of snowboard mitts. These mittens provide extra insulation and offer more warmth. However, you cannot use touch-screens with these gloves on.



Ski Straps

As the name suggests the ski-straps are primarily used to keep the skis together however, these straps are unique in their versatility also. Mountainous terrains can be unpredictable and to keep injury out of the skiing equation tends to be difficult at times. In case you get injured you can use these ski straps as a bandage or cast till you reach help on your own.


Keeping the above scenario in consideration, it is prudent to carry your first aid box in your backpack full of bandages, painkillers, and cough drops, and nasal inhalers.

Gaiter Masks

gaiters are a must-have active outdoor gear for winters. It keeps your neck warm and prevents frostbite; effectively protecting your jugular. They are multi-faceted and can be used as a beanie and a face mask. Hence you need not buy different garments as this all-in-one clothing article has you covered in every aspect. Furthermore, these apparel provide UPF 50 + sun protection and are easily available online. You can purchase premium quality custom gaiter masks from
4inbandana.com while sipping a cup of tea sitting at your sofa.  

Sun Screens

At higher altitudes the risk of getting sun-burned increases because the air is thinner and does not filter out the harmful UV rays. Therefore one must carry a good quality sunscreen that is SPF 50+ to keep those angry burns at bay.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer + USB Battery

Never run out of warmth and battery charging with this super-friendly hand-warming power bank dual-purpose equipment. The device can warm your hands providing low, medium, and high heat for up to 10 hours without needing to be charged. The USB battery allows you to charge your cellphone or any other device that the power bank supports.


Toe Warmers & Socks

Our feet being the body extremity tends to get cold quickly and take a long time to get warm. An inexpensive remedy involves carrying plenty of moisture-wicking wool socks and they should be paired up with toe warmers for maximum warmth and comfort.