Euphoria Season 2 is coming back! Expected to premiere around late 2021, after two amazing specials, this fabulous drama is ready to tackle serious issues all over again.

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It’s official, and it’s closer than ever, Euphoria Season 2 is ready to take the stage once again. After winning several awards, with Zendaya winning 4 out of the 9 awards given to this awesome show alongside many nominations, Euphoria’s second season will without a doubt bring another fantastic addition to our watchlist. Having the end of the previous season leaving us with many big moments that have kept us on our toes in high anticipation for the next season, like Rue relapsing (in a surreal musical sequence); Jules leaving for the big city; Kat and Ethan getting together at the winter formal; Cassie seeking out an abortion, and Maddy swiping an incriminating CD from Nate’s room that could expose Nate’s father. Only time will tell us what season 2 will bring… but here’s what we know so far!

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Though season 2 was drastically delayed, we were given two specials dubbed the COVID Specials in hype for the next season to premiere. The audience was absolutely floored by Scaher’s performance in her special “Fuck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob”. Revisiting a lot of events from season 1 from the perspective of Jules, the episode unpacks much of the growth, traumas, and changes that the character underwent in season 1.

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Production finally began on April 5th this year in Los Angeles. Zendaya released a soundless clip on her Instagram in honor of the series 2 year anniversary of Rue and Jules reuniting in the halls of East Highland High School. Many little teasers have been released. Zendaya confirmed in an interview with InStyle that a “beautiful” second season had been written. With Sydney Sweeney (Cassie) talking to Stylecaster who teased the second season’s story arc is crazy and jaw-dropping. With an unexpected turn of events, season 2 will be a spectacular sight where “you-guys-have-no-idea-what-you’re-going-to-watch” experience as the season unfolds. 

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Lastly, we can expect our favourites to return and the majority of the breakthrough ensemble cast if not all to return for the second season. Though interestingly enough we can expect new members to join the season as well. HBO’s announcement for their search for a new leading role on Euphoria. Kelvin Harrison Jr. will be joining the scene where Sam Levinson, creator of the show, doesn’t even know how to describe the character, we will surely be in for a treat with the masterful work that will definitely be Euphoria season 2.

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