Netflix’s John Franklin is sitting down to chat with HOLR. Check out our full conversation!

john franklin

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Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ S4 alum, John Franklin, is sitting down to chat with HOLR about everything the talented actor and comedian has coming down the pipeline- including his debut comedy special, The Specialist, coming to TubiTV soon. The New Jersey native is taking streaming platforms by storm with his captivating storytelling style so stay tuned to learn about this super exciting time in John’s career and where you can catch him performing next month!

Talk to us about your passion for acting and comedy. What inspired you to get into the industry? 

I’ve always loved performing and wanted to be in front of people- that was my go-to skill. I was in a huge family growing up with a lot of cousins, and I learned how to stand out from a young age. I started to do theatre when I was in middle school and loved it so I continued it all throughout high school. I ended up being a journalism major and wanted to be the next Al Michaels. I then pivoted to social media at a certain point and realized that I enjoyed making people laugh. Eventually, I ended up trying stand-up after a girl told me I “wouldn’t be any good at it,” so since I was a competitive guy I decided to give it a go and started going to open mics. I remember bombing it and just being terrible my first time, but I remember thinking that I wanted to get better. That’s where the journey started and how I got into comedy.

My parents were always super supportive- I was always awkward and loud and never seemed to fit in, but I enjoyed doing those awkward, funny things that made people laugh. Now, I’m a comedian somehow!

You were previously on Netflix’s The Circle Season 4- tell us all about this experience.

You could dedicate two hours and I could go over everything! The experience was crazy and it really changed my life. At the base level, going on the show changed my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world- it was the coolest thing. The actual experience of being on the show was that it’s just not real life. It’s so out of the realm of reality and it’s nothing like your real life.

for instance, you film for about two weeks so when I got home to my apartment, I was so used to vocalizing my actions on The Circle that I kept saying what I was doing! I would say things like, “Time to make an omelet,” and my roommate would be like, “Who are you talking to?”

It was a surreal experience, to say the least- I was just along for the ride. Plus, the people are amazing. The people who work on The Circle are some of the most genuinely wonderful people I’ve ever worked with in the entertainment industry. I know so many people who have horror stories about going on reality shows in terms of being forced to do things, but I was never forced to do anything. Everything I did was up to me and I’m thankful for the experience every day.

You’re slated to debut a comedy special, The Specialist, via Tubi TV. Walk us through what this journey has been like.

It’s crazy! I started doing stand-up in the winter of 2020 right before the lockdown hit in America. When March came around I was doing Zoom comedy so that was where I got my start. That was 3 years ago and it feels like forever ago now. I’m going to be on my second streaming platform now in less than two years which is a crazy journey! It’s surreal to think about starting from there and looking at where I am now. It’s been cool to grow up in the era of comedy I’ve always idolized. I’m also grateful that the world isn’t tired of me yet! The process has been a few years in the making but getting to do it in my home state has been a dream come true.

john franklin

Image Credit: Netflix

You’ll also be performing at the biggest comedy and arts festival in the world, Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. Give us the details and what to expect!

I’m doing 9 shows at Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August- I’m performing 9 shows in 9 days. A show called My Dad’s Advice- which I’ve been writing and rewriting basically since I started stand up- is based on my life, my experiences, and my family. My dad is really my best inspiration when it comes to comedy and stand-up because he taught me how to tell a story. He’s the perfect storyteller and my friends would love listening to his stories and jokes- he would captivate a room so easily. To bring it and debut it at Fringe is crazy! It’s a lot- it’s stressful and scary but I’m also comfortable and confident that this is being marketed as storytelling at its finest.

What’s next for you?

I’m always doing something different and new! I want to do so much more. I want to continue my stand-up career, but I also want to keep writing the sketches I write, and I want to continue social media. I’m in the process of writing some short films and I also have a podcast called “On A Related Note” which is kind of my brainchild with my cousin Chris, who is my co-host and roommate. I’m also hoping we can take this one-man show that’s debuting at Fringe and turn it into something else- maybe a book, series, or movie! That would be a dream come true. What’s next is hopefully bigger and better things!

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