Getting new hair colours every couple of months is no longer something we find odd. Almost everybody tries to dye their hair in various colours. Hair dyeing takes a lot of time and money too. Dyeing your hair is all fun and games before you end up committing the worst mistake of your whole life. Changing your hair colour can be tricky if you do it at home. So here are a few tips and tricks on what to look out for to get that ultimate hair dyeing experience!

Choose the best shade

In choosing the right shade, you should select a color that’s similar to your natural shade, especially if it’s your first time. Hair dyes are typically arranged in order of color in supermarkets. One trick is to keep your hair up and bring the box next to it to find the color that best matches your hair. It will also be good to use two boxes in the same color to ensure full coverage when your hair goes below your shoulders. Moreover, it is safer to use a glass or plastic bowl when combining these two colors, so the pigment does not oxidize and change color.


Strand testing

Do not ever take your hair strand testing for granted. This part will help you decide whether or not the color matches you while allowing you time to change the hair dyeing process. You can go ahead if you are still satisfied with the outcome. If you don’t, it’s a good thing that you didn’t apply it to your whole head.

Think about your hair texture

When you are coloring your hair, hair texture matters just as much as it does when you are styling or cutting it. If you have messy and unruly hair, it will absorb the hair dye easily and offer a cool-toned finish when dyed. It typically ends in ashier or slightly bluish hair color. For women with a fine to medium hair texture, this provides a warmer color as you use 5 hair dyes and it may result in an undertone of orange or copper. This means that when you pick a hair color, you can use warm shades that are a little lighter than your natural hair color if you have curly and frizzy hair. If you have straight hair, opt for cooler colors that are darker than your natural hair color.

Choose between going light or dark

Permanent coloring also has a good formula. It’s better to pick a hue that’s a little darker than what you’re looking for. There are also semi-permanent coloring agents that do not contain a creator. If this is the style you are using, you can pick a lighter color than the one you initially opted for. There is also available information online about a new trend which is the blue-black hair dye that can give an exciting yet subtle shade of color blue and black. When trying to figure out the right hair coloring brands to use, the pros and cons of each product are already laid out for you so you don’t even have to stress about thinking about which one you should use.

Prep and section your hair

Getting good dirty hair is one way to prep for the application of hair dye. The pigment appears to last longer, and the dye quickly penetrates the hair. Often start with your hair combed and styled to your usual look. You are meant to be organized and well-prepped when you dye your hair. To do this, you must divide the hair into four parts and work the dye from the front to the back. This will prevent you from missing out on any pieces.

Only do your roots

Hair experts will recommend that you use coconut oil or a deep hair treatment mask and apply it to the middle shaft and ends to preserve its lightness and dimension. Applying the coconut oil barrier will prevent hair dye from dripping into other areas of your hair. You should add Vaseline to your hairline to keep a hair dye from staining your scalp. Additionally, if you are worried about grey hair, you can apply a semi-permanent hair dye on the gray areas of your hair. You don’t even have to dye anything you can with a brush to get all those gray strands colored.

Dyeing your hair at home can be one of the most difficult but satisfying things you can do at home, especially if you get it right for the first time! Coloring your hair requires courage and guts to embrace and deal with how the result looks like. We hope you’ve been able to find our simple hair coloring hacks helpful!