What is the Facebook User Privacy Settlement? HOLR discusses why it’s trending.


According to this article, Facebook users can now apply for their share of a $725M privacy settlement. Apparently, the social media giant was caught up in a lawsuit in 2018 when it was accused of  “improperly sharing the personal information of 87 million users with third-party advertisers.” As a result, Facebook users residing in the USA with accounts between May 2007-the end of 2022 (reportedly December. 22, 2022) can apply for their share of the settlement.

Facebook user privacy settlement amount per person

As stated here, the amount you may get from the settlement is still unknown due to the fact that it’s a large amount being divided by millions of users.

Users supposedly have until August 25 to submit a claim, which must be done through a website, as mentioned in the article. The money may take a while to arrive because it must be approved by a judge.

Facebook user privacy settlement Reddit

Reddit users have taken to the platform – including this thread- to discuss the latest in regard to this news. For instance, some people are not particularly happy that it supposedly only applies to those who reside in the USA, as Facebook has users worldwide.

facebook user privacy settlement reddit

Image Credit: Reddit

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