As we grow older, having healthy and strong hair becomes more and more important. There are a number of different factors such as age, genetics and health that dictate how fast it grows., but the issue is that you can’t always control these factors. However, there is one other factor that you can control— your diet.

Certain foods you eat can actually help you grow healthy hair. If you don’t, it can actually cause you to lose hair at an alarming rate. These are just three of the best foods that will help you grow a healthy head of hair.


This fatty fruit is also known to be high in vitamin E. This matters because this vitamin in particular is known to promote the growth of hair. That’s because it can combat oxidative stress by neutralizing all free radicals. This creates protections all throughout the skin— including the scalp.

The high fat content in avocados also helps, too. HairGuard gives a full, thorough, comprehensive guide on avocado for hair health – and we will cover the basics here. These fatty acids aren’t produced by the body despite being important building blocks for your cells. Not consuming enough of these fatty acids can result in hair loss, which is the last thing you want. Consuming avocado can help in the prevention of hair loss and promote proper hair growth. Now you have an excuse to chow down on more avocado toast!

Fatty Fish

The best fish to consume to grow healthy hair are the fattier kinds— herring, mackerel and salmon are the best choices here. That’s because a few studies have revealed that their high content of omega-3 fatty acids is linked to promoting hair growth. It reduces hair loss while also increasing hair density. Its other various vitamins and nutrients— protein, selenium, vitamin B and vitamin D3— also promote healthy hair.

If you can’t or don’t want to eat fatty fish (due to allergies or following a diet free of fish), that’s okay. You can replace this with an omega-3 and omega-6 supplement found at most drug stores or pharmacies. That way, you can still help the growth of your hair.



This particular dark green leafy vegetable has always been a superfood. It’s loaded with folate, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C— all necessary vitamins and nutrients that promote hair growth. Vitamin A is especially important because it’s known to produce sebum on the skin glands. The reason this matters is because sebum moisturizes the scalp, thus helping to keep hair healthy.

Another important nutrient is iron because it helps with hair growth. It helps red blood cells carry oxygen all throughout the body. This then fuels your metabolism to aid in hair’s growth and repair. If you don’t consume enough iron, you’re more likely to suffer from hair loss. So if you want to keep hair loss at bay, it’s best to increase your intake of spinach.


It’s important to grow a healthy head of hair— especially when you get older, as your hair gets thinner and is more prone to fall out. But eating certain foods in the hopes of promoting hair growth can help keep this potential problem at bay. After all, having a health head of hair can help you look good and feel good.