The Harry Poter series has inspired many young witches and wizards to pick up their toy wands, perfect their spells, and defend their muggle parents from the evil death eaters. However, the series has also inspired adults, and this inspiration has resulted in numerous fashion trends and statements. Today we’ll talk about the most popular fashion choices inspired by the legendary Harry Potter, starting with:

Harry Potter Uniforms

Harry Potter books are so well-written and detailed that the producers of the movies didn’t have to think too hard about costumes and uniforms for their cast. The legendary Hogwarts uniforms are practically synonymous with the franchise, and practically all Potterheads have at least one at home.

These uniforms in the first two movies are relatively simple, featuring a black fully-lined robe that is roughly four fingers above ankle length, a house patch, diamond shape ends, a V-collar with the appropriate tie, and wide sleeves.

The uniforms from Prisoner of Azkaban onwards are a bit different, featuring much wider sleeves, slightly shorter length, and colored interior padding. Essentially, the newer uniforms are meant to represent the colors of the four houses; the fact that nearly all students in the franchise wear their uniforms open allows the colors to be even more pronounced.

Harry and Ron Jumpers

The infamous Weasley Jumper was a Christmas gift from Ron’s mother Molly. All Weasleys receive one annually, and ever since Harry became Ron’s friend, he was practically embraced as a family member as well.

Although the Weasley Jumper is not much of a fashion statement due to its simple design and straightforwardness, it played a big role in the franchise, as this was among the first frank and meaningful gifts that Harry had ever received.

The Jumpers are easy to make by even the most inexperienced of tailors, as they’re made in one color and feature a single letter (usually the initial of the wearer) on the center. In terms of accuracy of events portrayed in the movies, Harry’s sweater was dark blue while Ron’s was bright red with pinkish tints. However, Harry’s jumper was emerald green in the books.

Hogwarts Schools of Magic scarfs and shawls

Each house of Hogwarts School of Magic has a unique emblem, the house code, and a set of color that is meant to represent it. The lion of Gryffindor in red and yellow; the snake of Slytherin in green and silver; the badger of Hufflepuff in black and yellow, and the eagle of Ravenclaw in blue and bronze.

The shawls and scarfs offered a simple way for Potterheads to wear the colors of their favorite houses, but these clothing items also send a message contained in the house’s code.

Both the books and the movies state that Hufflepuffs are loyal, kind, and dedicated; that Ravenclaws are wise, creative, and acceptive; the Gryffindors are brave and chivalrous while Slytherins are cunning, ambitious, and determined. Among HP fans, wearing a Hogwarts House scarf has a similar meaning as wearing a shawl of a favorite football club for sports fans.

Quidditch Uniforms

While most athletes and sports professionals tend to wear breathable, non-limiting clothes, witches and wizards that play Quidditch wear more armor than most medieval infantry soldiers. Some wouldn’t assume that by looking at Harry’s first Quidditch experience given that his Quidditch robe covered almost his entire body, though.

The (goal) Keepers optionally wore Quidditch helmets, although most opted not to do so, given that these aren’t exactly aesthetically appealing. The uniforms, on another hand, look both rugged and flamboyant. The chest armor and cape were colored after the House Quidditch participants belonged to while the greaves, the gauntlets, and the shoulder pads are wood-brown in all cases.

The Yule Ball Dresses

The famous Yule Ball event in the Goblet of Fire inspired numerous fashion designers to recreate some of the dresses featured in it. The Dumrstang’s Institute wizards and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic witches joined Hogwarts students for this event, which resulted in a plethora of uniquely designed clothing items being on display in an exquisitely flamboyant fashion.

Durmstand students wore a red-caped outfit, black pants, a pair of tall green boots, and a fur pelt on their right shoulder while the Beauxbatons witches wore elegant blue dresses and hats. Hermione’s dress took the spotlight with its array of pink shades.

Much to Ron’s discontent, his attire may not have been perceived as hip, but its uniqueness has certainly inspired many to try to replicate the many details it had.

Death Eater Robes

The spooky Death Eaters are the evil wizards that are led by Voldemort against all that Hogwarts stands for. Their attire is rugged and to some degree elegant due to the fact that it’s exclusively black with hints of dark green.

Perfect for Halloween parties, the Death Eaters robes are much easier to craft than the masks these evil wizards are wearing. Basically, these are tall sleeveless and hooded robes; the sleeves should be made of a different, thinner material, and they should feature five holes for the fingers on each side.

There are numerous designs for Death Eater masks, but they all have one thing in common – the engravings of sinister symbols. The mouth area of the mask is supposed to be stapled shut while the cutaways around the eyes should be as small as possible.

The Sorting Hat

Just like the modern-day Harry Potter house quiz, the Sorting Hat tells young wizards and witches which Hogwarts house they belong to. Basically, it’s a remarkably tall, somewhat rugged old hat with a grumpy face that talks and makes gestures, at least in the books and the movies.

What sets this hat apart from similar wizard hats is not just its impressive size, but also the very peculiar geometry it has. Namely, the Sorting Hat can act and move on its own accord, which made the hat appear more worn than normal hats would be. Similar hats were modeled after this design.

We hope that this guide was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new today on fashion choices inspired by the legendary Harry Potter. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

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