Believe it, the 2000s were really something! Several trends from those years are now back, in reimagined ways that made everyone fall in love with them all over again. When it comes to accessories, the beginning of the millennium was a hit: beaded, colourful, and fun pieces are definitely a must-have nowadays! Here you can find a few tips to DIY the most desired pieces to match your own style.

At first sight, accessories from the 2000s can seem a bit childish due to their excessive colours, materials, and designs, but they actually are part of a new trend, the Kidcore. This trend made its way back last year, especially on TikTok, as a revival of the years 1990 and 2000. Moreover, those decades were marked by a fun, cool, and happy aesthetic, which is exactly what we all need after the whole pandemic sadness. Going back to those years also brings a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of the good past times, in an attempt to escape from everything bad that has been happening. An infinity of options are now available on the market but, just like in the old times, isn’t it much more fun to just Do It Yourself?

Beaded Necklace

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Beaded Bracelet

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As most trends in Fashion tend to resurge every 20 years, now is the official 2000s turn. So, if you grew up in the 1990s or in the 2000s, you certainly have already seen those trends. In addition, the DIY culture was also very popular in those decades, after first originating in the 1970s, which means DIY is very popular at the moment, both as a way of saving money and of having fun. DIY pieces can become more special due to the effort of hand making them, as well as more unique and singular, as a source of artistic, fashion, and self-expression. Among some of the accessories that can be DIYed are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, phone straps, and glasses – and now also, mask – chains, it is a personalized and collectible jewelry party.


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Besides, being such colourful and cheerful accessories, the 2000s pieces can be matched to endless different outfits. Either with simple looks in neutral colours, or embracing the maximalism with daring mix and matches, that type of jewelry will certainly pop up. Here are a few tips to create your own 2000s pieces and everything you need to make yourself – and your besties, of course – the most perfect accessories ever!

You will need:

– Flat and Round-Nose Pliers

– Wire Cutters

– Scissors

– Glue

– Cord Ends

– Nylon Wire or Jewelry Elastic Cord

– Chains

– Beads, Pearls, and/or Crystals

– Bead Stoppers and Tips

– Open Rings

– Eye Pins

– Clasps

– Plastic and Rubber Findings

– Creativity


  1. Watch some Youtube videos to understand the main points of jewelry making.
  2. Pick a specific project you want to try.
  3. Determine the measurements of the accessory.
  4. Practice some basic jewelry-making skills, such as operating the pliers, opening the open rings and chains, cutting the wire, and attaching the findings.
  5. Assemble the materials required to open and close your selected piece.
  6. Insert the beads to create the desired design.
  7. Add the bead stoppers or tips.
  8. Connect the main wire to the closing findings.
  9. Don’t forget to have some fun!
Phone Chain

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Colourful Necklace

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If you are still not convinced that DIYing your own 2000s accessories is a lot of fun and totally worth it, here are a few options available to purchase:

1. Star Beaded Verbiage Bracelet Set


Photo Credit: Hot Topic

2. Make You Smile Rainbow Hoops

Flower Earrings

Photo Credit:

3. Shine On Necklace


Photo Credit: Shop Bop

4. The Dude Bracelet

Smile Bracelet

Photo Credit: Mayol Jewelry

5. Orange Necklace

Fruit Necklace

Photo Credit: Stella and Bow

6. Smile Colorful Beads Mask and Glasses Chain

Mask Chain

Photo Credit: Etsy

Interested in DIYing your own 2000s accessories? Prepare yourself for a lot of fun! Release your creativity and get to work! 

Published by HOLR Magazine.