Meet Jordan & Kemper Baugh; This couple will give you major style envy.


How did you both meet?

We met in college. Funny enough, I was Jordan’s Orientation Leader! I saw him and thought “WOAH, he’s a looker” haha. From then on we have just enjoyed doing life and everything that comes with it together, including blogging. 

What sparked your interest in fashion? 

I have loved fashion ever since I was about 13. My step mom opened up a clothing boutique, where she involved me in photoshoots, styling, fashion shows and more. My passion for it only grew more with time. I was voted best dressed in high school, and when I graduated college, I worked as the stylist assistant for the TV series Duck Dynasty. It was there that Sadie Robertson suggested that I start a blog. 



A brand you’re loving right now and why?

Zara is definitely one of my favourite brands right now. They have the coolest, trendiest, high fashion pieces for such an affordable price and the quality of their merchandise is always top notch. 

Describe your style in three words.

Cool, Elevated and Relaxed. 

A secret for getting the perfect shot? 

I find that most of the shots that I like the best are the ones where I’m in motion, or in transition from one pose to the next. I think being super relaxed and connecting yourself to your look is when the best images are captured. 

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What advice do you have for future bloggers? 

Be YOU. This industry has become so heavily saturated with bloggers that it’s important to really own who you are and to let that shine through your work. It’s not all about the number of followers you have. Just enjoy the ride and do what you love. 

Any tips for making a lasting connection with an audience on social media? 

I think the best way to make a connection with your audience is to let them in. To show them who you are, not just as a blogger, but as a person. To be relatable and approachable. I also think it’s important to interact with your followers and to share your life with them. To where it’s not just about the fashion, but that they have found someone that they can relate to and connect with.




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