What stars are to the sky leather jackets are to any outfit you put together. Leather jackets are a luxury which outshines a lot of other outfits for both men and women. However, if we talk about men’s leather jackets, they surely do wonders with the looks of men. It is not just about how it stands out or makes you look stylish, apart from it men love owning leather jackets because they are super comfortable. You can run errands for the whole day and won’t feel hindered because of your outfit if you are wearing a leather jacket with a more comfortable accompanying garment. 


When we talk about leather jackets, we often visualize black and brown shades a leather jacket might be in. The truth is many people feel like the black and the brown shades are a must to have as these shades go with any type of shirt, t-shirts, denim, chinos, etc. Have you ever thought about getting your hands on a different colored leather jacket? Many people might think that it won’t be their style, but we believe that style is all about experimenting with different clothing pieces. Style is about getting out of your comfort zone and giving other outfits a chance, you never know what will look the best. 


In case you have a blue biker jacket which you got as a gift, or bought on your own and now you don’t know how to style it, take it out. We are going to tell you about 7 astonishing ways in which you can style a blue leather jacket. Trust us, it will look classy. 

Casual Blues 

Casual leather jackets should not necessarily be in an earthy color even if you are planning to wear them on a daily basis; you should just know what to pair up with your blue biker jackets. As we talked about how easy it is to run errands if you are wearing a leather jacket, so utilize your blue leather jacket and dress casually for everyday errands. Go for a light colored t-shirt, white would complement the jacket perfectly, but if you are willing to pick another color, that would be great too. Go for your favorite pants, pick denim, chinos, or lowers, whatever suits your comfort, and slide your blue biker jacket over your outfit. Wear trainers, sneakers, or boots underneath.  

Style A Blue Cafe Racer 

A cafe racer is stylish and most men love styling and wearing it. If you own a blue cafe racer, we know exactly what you can do with it. Pick light colored denim jeans, either you can pair with a simple round neck t-shirt or a tank shirt, whichever you feel looks best. If you are going to a concert or a party, pair them with sneakers but if you are going on a ride, go for boots, as they are more manly and would complete your racer look. 

Blue Leather With Bold Colors 

With blue leather jackets, it is not necessary to go all lowkey with the colors you choose in your clothing pieces. In fact, you should go for bold garments if you are going to a late night party in a club or for an art exhibition. Your choice of clothing should speak for you. If you are styling for winter, go for a bold colored sweater like yellow, orange, pink, or any other color you want or have. However, for the pick of pants, turn around your choice and go for light colored denim or chinos. Accessorize your look by wearing a watch or hand bands and lastly put on your blue leather jacket. 

Button-Ups and Blue Leather Jacket 

Blue jackets do not just feel exotic but can also be used for a refined and classy look. You can wear it to your workplace with a business casual outfit. Take out a light blue colored shirt with button-ups, tuck it in your chinos or khakis, put on a belt to go with your outfit. Take out loafers to go with it, and your blue leather jacket too. 

All Black With A Blue Leather Jacket 

If you have a blue motorcycle jacket and you have no clue what to do with it and you are not in a mood to experiment then play safe. Open your wardrobe and take out a completely black outfit. That means you can wear a black shirt or a t-shirt, and go for black khakis, denim, or chinos, paired with black sneakers. When you have worn the complete black outfit, to add some character to what you are wearing, wear metallic dangling chains around your neck. When you are ready to leave your house, do not forget to grab your blue leather jacket. Such looks work well for hangouts, parties, an informal dinner, etc. 

Style Your Blue Bomber Jacket

Styling a bomber jacket is never difficult, no matter what color it is in. You can wear whatever you like and still slay your bomber jacket. So if you have a blue bomber jacket and you don’t use it because it is blue then you are really wasting such an aesthetic piece by keeping it stored in your closet. You can pair it any way you want, casually or business causally any way you want. Wear a button-up with khakis and loafers, add the blue bomber to it and it is going to give you a business casual look. You can wear it to the office, to a business meeting lunch, or even to a dressed-up  brunch date. However, if you are keeping it really casual, pair it with t-shirts, tank shirts, jeans, and sneakers. That outfit is going to slay no matter what. You can go to the grocery store, run errands, catch up with friends or even go to the movies with such a look. 

Blue Leather Jacket Over A Turtleneck 

Turtlenecks are refined, classy and guys look handsome when they wear them. So pair your turtleneck with your blue leather jacket and you surely will not get disappointed. With this look you can go almost anywhere you want, it is that type of classy look which can be worn anywhere. 


Having a blue biker jacket is surely different but you should know how to make great use of it. Style it up in a charismatic way, you surely are going to be the best dressed person amongst the people, wherever you go. 

Published on Holr Magazine