So as we all know, 2020 has been a difficult year for the wedding industry with many people having to postpone their big days and find creative ways to celebrate those important milestones, such as your stag and hen nights. Although you may need to be more creative in your thinking, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a fun night with your hens; it just means you may need to think out of the box and it’s a great way to mark the occasion of when you would have originally been having your hen night. We have put together five ingenious ways to help you host the best virtual hen night.

Before we talk about our top tips we thought it would be a good idea to talk about the ways in which to stream your virtual hen night first. The good thing about these lockdowns is that it has increased people’s awareness of the different technology that is available, and developed their personal skills in using them. We suggest the easiest and most convenient way to host your virtual hen night is to use Zoom. This is a free app that can be downloaded to your phone and will allow you to all see and hear each other clearly and you can have up to 100 people on the call. The only thing to note is that without upgrading your account you will only be able to have a call for 40 minutes, but you could just click on the link again and re-start the call once the minutes is up.

1. E-invites

Once you have got your date organised for your virtual hen night don’t forget to send out an e-invitation to all of your hens. These should be part of the experience for your friends and be sent out as an e-invitation to get them ready for their virtual experience, and sending them via email is also cost effective for you too. If you’ve got a theme for your hen night then you could incorporate this into the invitations, you could even include videos in the invitation as its being sent online too so be creative. Another fun thing to do is to create your own hashtag for the evening so that you can all share your images on social media and find them by searching for the hashtag.

2. Get creative with your outfits

Although you won’t be able to meet up in person there’s still no reason why you can’t go all out and dress up for the occasion! A fun idea to be creative with your outfits is to think of a theme, something that everyone can adapt to their own individual styles. Another idea if you don’t like the idea of a theme is to incorporate one item or colour instead.

You could get matching accessories such as glasses, hats or wigs, or why not splash out and get some glitter kits that you could all use to make yourselves sparkle. This would be perfect for your photos and for taking all those selfies too and there are plenty of companies online that would sell these accessories, or even wedding suppliers that could provide you with these items.

3. Get the drinks in!

Just because you won’t be physically going out it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy your favourite drinks or cocktails. You could even incorporate this into your activities for the evening by buying the same alcohol and mixers and making the same cocktails together.  We love cocktails so much and there are so many you can choose from, including mocktails for those of you that don’t like to drink alcohol. Some of our favourites include Mojito, Espresso Martini, Sangria and Sex on the Beach but a simple search on the internet will bring up loads of recipes for you to try. You could even have a game where you each come up with your own individual cocktail recipe for everyone else to try!

4. Play fun virtual games

Having a virtual hen night means you will be able to play a whole host of virtual games together and there are plenty of choices when it comes to fun party games! Some of these games may need a little bit of pre-planning from the maid of honour to make sure that you have the answers for some of them from the groom to be, or making sure that any props etc have been ordered and sent to each of the attendees in advance.  There are loads of options when it comes to games to play including charades, dares, truth or dare to name a few.  There are lots of other ideas for activities to do for your hen night if you don’t want to play too many games. You could play quizzes, have a dance off or even do a bit of karaoke which is perfect for a virtual hen night and works well whether you want to sing as a group or take it in turns to sing your favourite songs.

5. Eat the same food

A great way to get everyone involved is to get everyone to share the same food so it will feel like you are all there together, even though you’re not. If you fancy a takeaway such as pizza then get everyone to get their food delivered at the same time, so you can all enjoy it together.  If you all enjoy baking then you could all get ingredients in and cook the same dishes in your own homes and make it fun by awarding prizes for the best bakes!