Who Is Florence Pugh Boyfriend Charlie Gooch?

Florence Pugh boyfriend Charlie Gooch has been pictured with the actress while out for Valentine’s Day. The new couple were spotted together at a pub in London. Charlie Gooch is a photographer and it is reported that the pair have known each other for a while. According to one source, they met during a shoot for the Black Widow film press tour.

Charlie Gooch Age

Florence’s past relationship with Actor Zach Braff received a lot of attention due to their twenty-one-year age gap. Florence and Zach broke up last year after being together for three years. Charlie Gooch is twenty-six-years old so he is about the same age as Florence who is currently twenty-seven-years-old.

Charlie Gooch Photographer

Charlie Gooch, who is also referred to as Guy Gooch, is a London based photographer. According to his LinkedIn profile he is a freelancer who has had internship experience at Frank Lebon Studios. Photos of Charlie and Florence have surfaced of them having lunch in London on February 14th and smoking cigarettes after their meal.

Charlie has two Instagram accounts, @guygooch and @guys.archive. Florence has yet to confirm the relationship herself but based on the photos, the two looked close.

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