From capsules and CBD vape juice to creams and CBD oil gummies, the use of CBD and different infused products has exploded around the whole world over the past few years. With its promising effectiveness, potential healing properties and a wide variety of potential applications, it is only natural that more and more people are recognising its positive effects for both physical and mental ailments as well as general wellness.


While research is still catching up with all this hype, like many people, world-renowned actors, musicians, models and other celebs are resorting to CBD for alternative, plant-based relief. Here is the list of four celebrities that use CBD products for better health and wellness.




American actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks is known worldwide for both his comedic and dramatic roles. But just like everybody else, he struggles with anxiety. Therefore, Tom Hanks is just one of many celebrities who have turned to CBD oil to help manage and relieve anxiety.


After he was fed up with taking various prescription pills to make him “better,” Tom decided to try CBD for anxiety, which was able to help him control his stress levels and continue his successful acting career. A bonus to using CBD was the relief from various aches that Tom has, especially arthritis in his knees. Intake of CBD immediately alleviated 90% of his pain. 


Additionally, since Tom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 59, he has also been working with Cornell University in their research on CBD and how it can be used by people who suffer from stress and type 2 diabetes. 


Foot Pain


Whether it is an awards show or a red carpet, being on your feet for hours sounds excruciatingly painful, particularly when you are wearing high heels. This is why when American singer, songwriter and actress Mandy Moore discovered the pain-relieving properties of CBD; she never stopped using it. She used to experience so much pain wearing sky-high heels that she described it as walking on glass.


Luckily, due to the recommendation of her stylist Erica Cloud, Mandy tends to apply some CBD lotion to her feet to help manage the pain all night long and enjoy her exciting evening without the discomfort, even if wearing fancy shoes.




Brazilian-American model, actress, fashion designer, businesswoman and television personality Alessandra Ambrosio found that the use of CBD oil for sleep helps her get better rest. One of the essential things to do to prepare mind, body and soul for a runway show is to get eight hours of quality sleep the night before. However, sometimes this can be difficult as the mind gets anxious when trying to fall asleep. 


While she won’t be the first or last Victoria’s Secret angel to be subjected to sleepless nights ahead of the world-famous runway show, the model has found success with the non-psychoactive compound due to its calming effects. Alessandra has previously turned to CBD oil to help calm her anxiety and provide restful sleep before major events. 




In 2008, American actor, director, and narrator Morgan Freeman was in a horrific, near-fatal accident in which he severely injured his arm, shoulder and elbow. 


After the car accident, he developed fibromyalgia, which causes severe muscle pain. In recent years, Morgan has discovered that CBD oil/medical marijuana is one of the most effective plant-based treatments that help him find relief and live a normal healthy life.


Published on Holr Magazine