Why is France Plane Human Trafficking trending? HOLR breaks it down.

France plane human trafficking victims

According to this TikTok video posted by user @ethlanel743, a charter plane carrying over 300 Indian nationals got grounded in France allegedly over suspected human trafficking concerns.

France Plane Human Trafficking Victims Explained

Image Credit: @ethlanel743 TikTok


The plane was reportedly grounded for 4 days after authorities investigated following an alleged tip-off about possible human trafficking, According to this video, 2 passengers were supposedly detained while several others “sought asylum” on French soil.

The passengers- families and children included- were provided with essentials such as meals and medical care. Crew members were questioned and released. The airline denied any involvement in human trafficking.

The plane has since taken off and was rerouted to Mumbai, India with 276 passengers on board.

France Plane human trafficking Reddit

Reddit users took to the platform to discuss the recent events in this thread, using this article as a reference.

The plane was allegedly headed for South America. Allegedly, there were unaccompanied minors on the plane, as well. The investigation took place at Vatry Airport in Champagne country as outlined in the article. As the article detailed, 15 crew members part of this Legend Airlines charter flight (en route from Fujairah airport in the United Arab Emirates to Managua, Nicaragua) were questioned by authorities and subsequently released (as reportedly noted by a lawyer for the Romania-based airline).

Here’s what some people had to say about the latest alleged news in the related Reddit thread:

“They’re not even trying at this point. An airline no one has heard of, flying a plane full of Indians from an airport in the UAE no one has ever heard about, to Nicaragua is beyond ridiculous.”

“A whole plane filled with victims? This world is crazy. I hope they are saved”

“When I hear stories like this, I realize how many of these planes are flying, that are not getting stopped. I hope the victims you find safety and the criminals find jail.”

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