A new video of the woman who demanded to leave a plane claiming a man on the flight was not real has been released. HOLR breaks it down below.

Recently, a video went viral showing a woman on a plane demanding to leave the aircraft after claiming another passenger is not real. The original video below first went viral online and was previously posted by TikTok user @dailymail.


Distressed woman DEMANDS to leave plane #fyp #viral #americanairlines #meltdown #plane #distress

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Woman on plane not real video

HOLR is breaking down a new video and angle of the alleged incident below. According to this new TikTok video reposted by user @ufovideostk shows another camera angle captured by another passenger on the same plane the woman was on.


Another footage of the distressed woman on the airplane. She claimed to be sitting next to a possible shapeshifter and asked to leave the flight. #alien #shapeshifter #airplane #paranormaltiktok #conspiracytiktok #conspiracytheorytiktok #extraterrestrial #footage

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In the video, the woman is visibly distressed and can be seen demanding to get off the plane. “I need to get the f*ck off this plane right now,” she can be heard saying in the clip. Supposedly, the woman claimed another passenger was “not real.” In this new camera angle, we see the woman attempting to leave the flight and being confronted by staff on the aircraft. The video angle does not show the person the woman alleges was not real.

Some controversial theories have been floating around in regard to whether or not the passenger the woman is referring to is real or not. Allegedly, some internet users believe the woman was sitting next to a possible shapeshifter, which is supposedly a person who can change forms or identities.

Woman on plane not real name

As of right now, the woman in the video has not come forward to identify herself or address the claims made in the viral video.

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