What happened to Flight MH370? Alleged new satellite footage of the missing plane is making its rounds online and people are talking about it.

What really happened to Flight MH370? Alleged new “terrifying” updates claim that the plane disappeared suddenly while flying. HOLR is breaking down the supposed rumors circulating online and what people really think about the alleged leaked footage.

MH370 Satellite Video

Accoridng to this TikTok video posted by user @imjusdatbitch, an alleged terrifying new update has surfaced regarding the infamous missing Flight MH370.


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MH370 Video

As mentioned in the TikTok video, alleged satellite footage that supposedly shows Flight MH370 flying and disappearing suddenly has been making its rounds online. In the alleged video footage, a plane- reportedly Flight MH370- can be seen flying, surrounded by a trio of small white orbs. At the end of the video, the flight seemingly disappears in a flash of light. There is no concrete explanation for the video and there is no hard evidence to support claims that it’s actually missing Flight MH370, but people can’t stop talking about this alleged new footage of the supposed plane.

What happened to Flight MH370?

Here’s what some people had to say about the alleged leaked footage in the comments of the above video:


Image Credit: TikTok

This is all alleged news but what do you think- could this footage actually be of Flight MH370 disappearing mid-flight? Are UFOs involved? 

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