According to Russian State Media, a plane recently crashed north of Moscow. HOLR is breaking down the details below.

HOLR is detailing everything we know regarding the breaking news story involving a plane that crashed in Moscow, Russia.

Russia Plane Crash Video

A video is allegedly going viral of a plane that crashed north of Moscow. Accoridng to this article, Yevgeny Prigozhin- who was the chief of the Russian mercenary group Wagner- was among the list of supposed passengers who perished in the crash.

Russian Plane Shot Down Video

As noted in the article, the Federal Air Transport Agency is allegedly conducting an investigation of the crash that occurred in Moscow. The article continues by stating that the private Embraer Legacy aircraft crashed during a flight scheduled from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The plane supposedly crashed near the village of Kuzhenkino in the Tver region.

Video of Russian Plane Crash

According to news that has recently come about, approximately 10 people- 3 crew members, included- were on board the aircraft. However, all on board supposedly likely perished in the crash and have been presumed dead. Four bodies have reportedly been found at the site of the crash.

The below TikTok video posted by user @dailymail goes into more detail about the plane crash that just occurred:


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This plane crash supposedly occurred 2 months after an alleged failed coup against Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. Allegedly, Prigozhin was warned his life would be in danger, according to the TikTok video.

Supposedly, the plane was claimed to have been shot down by air defenses, but this has supposedly yet to be verified.

Details of this breaking news story are continuing to come about. HOLR will keep you posted on the latest updates involving the crash.

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