It looks like Francesca Farago is having TWINS!

Francesca Farago Partner

Netflix reality star, Francesca Farago, and her partner, Jesse Sullivan, are reportedly having twins after releasing this video on TikTok (@jessesulli) of the pair at their latest doctor’s appointment.


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Francesca Farago Twins

As shown in the TikTok video, posted by Jesse, the duo were at their doctor’s appointment to find out how many babies they are having after it was revealed that Francesca was pregnant. “Our hearts are racing,” Jesse claims in the clip before the doctor walks in.

“I see two sacs,” claims the doctor in the video as Jesse can be heard gasping and Francesca’s jaw drops.

The doctor further confirms that there are two sacs in the video clip. When Francesca questions if the doctor sees more than 2, the doctor claims that they only see 2. It looks like Francesca and Jesse are expecting twins! Jesse seemingly confirmed this in the comment section of the TikTok video.

Following the news, users in the comment section are claiming that two separate sacs may mean that the twins are likely fraternal but others have disagreed claiming that identical twins often have two separate sacs. As of right now, nothing has been officially confirmed regarding whether or not the twins are fraternal or identical. The gender of the babies has also not yet been revealed.

Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan

Francesca and Jesse have been extremely open when it comes to their fertility journey so it is exciting to see the duo expecting twins! 

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Image Credits: @jessesulli TikTok

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