If people do not consider the fashion of the current period, the style of the 90s of the last century contains more changes than the past decades. And any fashion theme of the 1990s will be indispensable when mentioning Rachel Green’s fashion icon from the “Friends” series.1. The sporty look 

Surely we cannot forget the image of Rachel with a very classic and basic green t-shirt. In this outfit, she combines with a black long-sleeved shirt and a sweater of the same color to make the whole outfit extremely dynamic and sporty. However, Rachel also added a black cap upside down and created a highlight with a very youthful and energetic side braid.2. The turtleneck 

No one can forget the outfit Rachel wore on her first date. The yellow turtleneck with a tight-fitting sporty silhouette looks highly sexy and stylish. The outfit became even more striking when she paired it with a black miniskirt, which is also Rachel’s favorite dress style and is worn throughout the film. The whole outfit helps her exude femininity, sweetness but still incredibly sexy.

3. The typical plaid dress

The black plaid dress is very simple, without fancy details, but helps Rachel become extremely elegant like a lady. The watch combined as a highlight allows her to exude aristocratic and luxurious beauty. Rachel also did not forget to style her hair in waves for a very feminine and seductive look.

4. The pencil skirt 

Rachel also showed off her retro fashion sense with a dynamic and stylish three-hole wool turtleneck. The outfit became more fashionable when she combined it with a checkered pencil skirt that matched the shirt very well. This outfit is extremely flattering, and no one can expect that the pencil skirt is gradually making a comeback in recent years.5. The slip dress

A slip dress may seem basic at first, but if you look closely, you will see the details that make Rachel incredibly stylish when choosing this dress. The slip dress has a regular pattern, but a unique feature that makes this dress shine is the brown lace border that makes Rachel extremely sexy. Besides, she also combines simple pearl jewelry that is aesthetically charming. 6. The knee-high boots

You will be highly impressed with Rachel’s black turtleneck boots in the movie when she wears a miniskirt and a black maxi skirt. The outfit exudes Rachel’s sexy beauty. And who would have thought that the style of wearing turtleneck boots has continually been developed and loved by women until now?7. The long-sleeve shirt under a strappy dress

Indeed looking at this outfit, you will find it very familiar, right? That’s right, just a brown long-sleeve shirt combined with a black strappy dress outside made Rachel extremely beautiful. And these two combinations match each other perfectly. And we are all familiar with this style of fashion that has returned to popularity in recent years. 











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