“Food’s not a math exam, so treat yourself to that cupcake and don’t think of it as cheating. Instead, practice balance, so you can enjoy life.”

– Nikole Goncalves 


It’s hard to imagine that healthy dishes can be made quickly, economically, and have flavours that keep you coming back for more. This may explain why many of us still default to fast food, but what if you could ‘have your cake and eat it too’?

Meet Nikole Goncalves, who is making health contagious, by transforming nutrition into drool-worthy experiences that won’t break the bank. With over 100 simple recipes, that can be whipped up in 30mins or less; you can get excited about your personal ‘health goals’ coming to life. 

What inspired you to write the HealthNut Cookbook?

My YouTube community! Since my channel is online, the way I connect with people around the world is through digital. The cookbook is finally a way for my supporters to bring a part of “HealthNut” nutrition to their home in a tangible way, with recipes at their fingertips. I wanted this book to be for everyone! People are busy, so I made it approachable, fast, with easy customizations for vegetarians, along with plant-based and gluten-free options. The comment section from my Youtube channel continues to inspire my nutritious menu choices to honor the lifestyles my viewers lead. 


What, in your opinion, are the essential elements of a great dish?

Flavour! I look at fresh herbs and whole ingredients to make a meal come alive. My inspiration for recipes come from all over the world.  The Indian Curry dish, the Korean Bibimbap, and the Bail Mie Goreng recipe reminisce of the trips my boyfriend Matt and I took around the globe. We love spices and the way it kicks up a dish. 


Can you tell us a little about your philosophy on sustainable Consumption?

I call it the 80/20 rule. For 80 percent of the time, I’m drinking my green smoothies, eating my salads with chicken, fish, nuts, and seeds. However, you’ve got to live life! I’m human; I crave cheesecake, I want nachos, and that’s my 20 percent. It’s more than calories in, calories out — food affects your mental health and overall emotional state. 


You were open and honest about once being a smoker and having little balance in your daily routine. How does your book help others in seek of a transformation?

The truth is that I’ve had my health journey. Despite it being a short phase in my life, at one point I was, in fact, a full-time smoker. When I first met my boyfriend, I was in the process of quitting, but still skipping breakfast and drinking coffee. I think when people hear that, they can relate because if you’re living in an unhealthy way, you always have the power to make changes. Slowly I began to work out and even got into running, since then I’ve never looked back!


If you could collab with anyone in this industry right now, who would it be?

Nikki Phillippi!  she’s a Youtuber that inspired me when I first started. Her channel is lifestyle based, covers food, and is all about positivity, so I find we have very similar tastes! We started following one another, and it would be refreshing to work together shortly. 


The learning never stops, with an accomplished Youtube channel and the launch of this new cookbook, what’s next for HealthNut? For a year, we’ve had an online wellness shop called healthnutshop.com that specializes in eco-friendly, sustainable, and self-care items. So this summer we just launched healthnutpup.com, inspired by the new puppy, Matt and I just got. We call her Cashew, and she’s a Boxer Bullmastiff. So this online shop is all about supporting, dogs and their owners living healthy, active lifestyles. HealthNut will also have a skincare line that will be launching late this fall. So stay tuned for five amazing lip balms, that you could use as multipurpose sticks! Whether it’s for your lips, cuticles or even under your eyes, you can use these chapsticks for whatever you like.  They’re made from organic ingredients!  


Where To Buy? 

The HealthNut cookbooks will available for purchase at any major book retailer, primarily Amazon and Indigo Chapters! 


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