Speaking with Gary Trent Jr on Toronto Raptor Trade rumours.

As the NBA trade deadline came to a close, Gary Trent Jr made an appearance at the KFC pop-up Court at The Bentway today. The KFCourt is the world’s first winterized basketball court built to support the community for one month only. We spoke with him about why he wanted to participate in the “Buckets are Life” Campaign and KFCourt activation, Toronto Raptor Trade rumours and more.


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Toronto Raptor Trade Rumours

Gary Trent Jr is no stranger to his name floating around every trade deadline, and he handles it with grace. In speaking with him an hour past the trade deadline, it was clear that the Raptors organization made the decision not to make any active player trades.

When asked how he felt about the decision, Gary said, “I’m glad that we’re still building, and we’re still believing. We have the same goal that we’ve always had since day one, just get wins and make a deep run in the playoffs. But when it comes to the trade rumours; since I came into the league, my name has been in the trade rumours due to my draft position, my contract and how it matches up with a lot of teams but you can’t really worry about that. It’s already written. you just have to go out there and play hard.”

KFCourt and Buckets Are Life Campaign

KFC built a winterized basketball court activation for one month only at The Bentway on Fort York BLVD and invited Gary Trent Jr. to shoot some hoops with Chris Matthews aka ‘Lethal Shooter.’ The afternoon saw Gary and Chris shooting hoops with local fans and community basketball groups. When asked why this particular activation aligned with him, Gary said, “It’s a great way to bring the community together and show love for the game of basketball.”

How Does An NBA Player Find Motivation On An Off Day?

“Keep going. every day, stacking my chips, just going in, working hard, building up the days and continuing to get better every day.”