Gender is a social construct that we have all been forced into from the second we’re born, I mean think about it, if you’re a girl you must like pink right ? and a baby boy, oh he’s going to be a little heart breaker they say. Conditioning our minds to believe that women and men are not equal, that there is some kind of superiority in being a man and a misconception that women are the weaker beings. This of course is the furthest thing from the truth, and this is why gender-neutral parenting is a must in today’s society.

Gender-neutral parenting does not mean you do not identify your child with their assigned sex at birth but rather giving them the option to identify or express themselves without the boundaries of gender holding them back.  The issue of sexism and misogyny lies within how we have all been conditioned to believe certain ideas about what the role of a man is and the role of a woman. These issues can however be lessened with time and new generations, not enforcing gender norms onto a young child creates a whole new possibility for a much more accepting and inclusive society. 

While biological sex is very real, it is not the only two ways of self-expression and this is why it is important to raise kids understanding that there is no set in stone manner in which one should express themselves. People who identify as nonbinary or who do not identify with their assigned gender will be able to freely express themselves without judgement and fear. Once gender roles are not expected, people will be able to just be whoever they would like and at the end that is the ultimate goal of gender-neutral parenting, raising decent human beings.