A video of German Tattoo artist Shani Louk is going viral after it was discovered she was killed by Hamas while attending a music festival.

The viral video seemingly shows German tattoo artist Louk dancing at a festival at the Gaza-Israel border allegedly moments before she was reportedly taken by Hamas militants. Hamas seemingly launched an unprecedented attack this past weekend.

Lou, who was 30, was at a music festival for peace. It is believed she was captured by terrorists as they launched a surprise attack against Israel killing 480 people dead and injuring 3,200 others as noted here.

Shani Louk Images

As mentioned in this article, extremely graphic footage has been floating around online seemingly showing  “a nearly naked woman lying face-down in the bed of a pick-up truck with four militants” believed to be Louk. She was allegedly being “paraded through the streets” following the attack.

As mentioned in this article, Louk’s mother Ricarda, took to the media to show an image of her daughter “in an emotional video appeal” in which she begs the public “for help to find out what happened to her daughter.”

Shani Look Video

The below video is believed to be one of the last moments of Louk alive dancing at the festival before the attack.

Published by HOLR Magazine.