Is Shani Louk alive? HOLR breaks down alleged new information regarding the German Tattoo Artist who was believed to have been killed by Hamas during the unprecedented attack against Israel recently. 

According to this article posted by TMZ, news has surfaced alleging that Shani Louk- initially believed to have been killed by Hamas during the attack on Israel this past weekend- may actually be alive.

Shani Louk Video

As mentioned in the article, Shani Louk’s mother Ricarda claims that her daughter is actually alive following information that claims the 22-year-old is not dead. The article claims unnamed Palestinian sources were cited as the source of the alleged information. This news follows disturbing footage of Louk’s naked body being paraded through the streets. Viewers thought she was dead but her mother claimed she believed her daughter was unconscious in the clip- not dead. Louk is a German citizen.

Published by HOLR Magazine.