Girl or guy our bags are important for a lot of reasons, they are great as accessories, but most importantly, they hold everything our hands can’t.


Some people love to carry everything but the kitchen sink in their bag, and others only use it for their phone and wallet when their hands get tired. If you do or do not carry a bag, maybe we might change your mind about what you should have and should take out. 

A bag is super important, with technology nowadays a lot of people only leave the house with their phone and that it, everything they need including their payment cards is all at the touch of a button. But, fashion has changed the minds of many including men. Men loved carrying everything they could in their pockets, wallet, phone, keys and maybe a few loose miscellaneous items they picked up on the way. Now, men have learned how fashionable it is to carry a bag, and now have more items to store but in a more convenient way. 

For men, an easy bag to carry is a cross-body or fanny pack bag, having one that is versatile for any outfit is ideal because they probably won’t want to transfer items for specific outfits. 

Another great bag for anyone is a tote bag, if you like carrying more than a few items, like a book or maybe you, make a quick stop to the grocery store it is probably a great bag to have. 



For women, tiny purses are a thing, and many love to make a joke that they really only carry lipgloss in there because they don’t need to pay for anything, so if it’s for fashion, it works!


The items in the bag are usually as or even more important than the bag itself. 


Some items you should carry if you didn’t think you needed to: keys, wallet, and phone are a given, but you should have a chapstick that is a good SPF, it is important to take care of your skin. Another is a travel-size cologne, you never know when you’ll need it, you might go to a stinky restaurant, it might have been a sunny day on your commute and you sweat a little, or just as a backup for confidence. Finally, a lighter, and not for smoking. If you don’t smoke, a lighter is a good safety item to have, but it is also an even better conversation starter. If someone needs a lighter, offer yours, you just might make a new friend. 


We know we already carry too much in our bags, but there are definitely essentials aside from phones and wallets that we need 100% of the time. Chapstick and your current lipgloss, not only should you want to protect your skin/lips, but your lipgloss on hand is a great and easy way to refresh your look, especially after a long day. A travel perfume, even if it is not your current one, one that always works is great, because when a woman smells good, people notice. A lighter is the same reason for everyone, it’s a safety tool but also a great conversation starter. 


If you have a little bit of extra room there are a few more essentials you might not think of. Chocolate or candy, we always get random cravings and sometimes gum isn’t enough, I love a good piece of chocolate for any given day. Mints, are the same as perfume, having fresh breath is important, and gum chewing isn’t always a great look. Last but not least, a hair tie and a nail file can be crucial, they are great for you in any situation, but can also be great for a friend in need. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine