By now, in the age of oversharing and viral posts, it’s probably safe to call Instagram a “fan favourite” social media platform. From photos to videos, and even quick snapshots, Instagram is now like the fashion, food, travel, art, and the creative haven of the world. Instagram is also a space that can be utilized for so much more than just still photos. In fact, there seems to be a steady growth on Instagram than any other social media site.

The photo and video publishing app has granted multi-talented creatives a space to exhibit their work and, on occasion, in the most ideal situation, transform it into lucrative business ventures. It is a modern success story. Especially for those with creative minds that have just started out in the industry, Instagram is the way to go. You don’t have to pay for your space since you can earn a steady following faster, and you can grow your business fast. For self-made entrepreneurs, this is the place for them to showcase what it is they’ve got to offer to the world.

Be it music, art, fashion, or product marketing, it’s impossible to deny that it’s precisely these corners of social media that make it so easy to spend hours scrolling through your feed and explore page. Through hashtags and other keywords, one interesting post just leads you to another. As an example, click here for common photography hashtags on Instagram.

So with that being said, we’ve rounded up a few self-made entrepreneurs that are worth all the likes and investments. From jewelers to designers to business owners, here are some rising creatives to follow. Who knows, from following these pages, you might just end up being inspired to showcase your creative prowess to the world.


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You may have recognized Tatiana Elizabeth Price as a Cycle 23 contestant on America’s Next Top Model, or for her feverishly stylish Insta-page, which blends fashion inspo and product advertising. Well, this top model also dabbles in the beauty industry. While modeling, she’s also earning more through the birth of a skincare label that’s well-loved by many. Price is the creator behind the natural body and skincare label SkinBUTTR.

Price’s beauty brand—which was born both from her own personal skin struggles and an academic stint studying esthetics—is produced through a step-by-step system and consists of whipped Shea-based body butters and scrubs. This fact alone should inspire and motivate you to make beautiful things out of whatever darkness it is you may be going through in your life. Rather than sulking in your insecurities, rise by creating a line that’s uniquely yours.

With a quick look at the carefully photographed promotion images and campaign shoots on the @skinbuttr Instagram account, it isn’t hard to imagine why the Internet has been drawn into Price’s world of skincare. SkinBUTTR’s mandate is to build confidence in your own skin as you glow and transform into a better version of you – it is all about looking and feeling your best. That’s what beauty should be all about. Not to change you, but to create an upgrade.

Vanessa Mooney

Handcrafted in Los Angeles and named after its founder, Vanessa Mooney is a shop for vintage nostalgic pieces that fit your sophistication. Today, vintage is a well-loved trend in the fashion industry, simply because of the classic vibe it brings. If you’ve got a penchant for collecting and scouting vintage pieces, don’t stop with just keeping them to yourself. Allow this to become an excellent income-earning opportunity by selling on Instagram.

The brand was established in 2009 and features jewelry, accessories, and clothing inspired by revolutions and walks of life. After a few seconds of scrolling through the brand’s feed, you will discover that Vanessa Mooney’s collection is all about the expression: It is an everywoman label that transcends style and influence.

SUKEBAN Magazine

Fashion is an industry that both unites and divides critics in their shared passion and ultimate disdain for its inner workings. It is captivating in its aesthetics yet frustrating in its exclusivity—which is precisely why Yuki Haze and Erika Bowes founded SUKEBAN Magazine in Tokyo, Japan. According to the magazine’s mandate, this alienation and lack of inclusivity, which particularly impacts women of colour, is what lead the two creators to develop SUKEBAN.

The print and online publication, which is a major proponent in showcasing the diversity and empowering young minorities, is taking a stand against tokenism by promoting creative people of color. Take a look at the expanding portfolio of artists they have collaborated with — you definitely won’t be disappointed by the magnificent work that goes into producing the project.

For you to beat all the customers’ views and expectations of your self-made and start-up creative entrepreneurial venture, take inspiration from this magazine.


Simple jewellery works with nearly every look and every style — which is exactly why it’s managed to stand the test of time. That is, until the introduction of Monirath.

The Australian based jeweler is refuting the idea that simplicity is the go-to accessory by creating maximalist, avant-garde pieces to add a definitive edge to your style. From chandelier earrings and mirror rings to three-meter pearl necklaces that attach to your ears, Monirath challenges the way accessories are traditionally worn with their handcrafted designs.

If wearable art excites your love for fashion then Monirath is your destination for new and cool concepts.


Has this list inspired you yet? It should! Yes, these pages may have quite a huge following now, but remember that they started somewhere, too. In fact, they surely began with just a handful.

With the right persistence and Instagram tactics, you can be one of these, too. Just don’t copy, but be inspired. Whatever skill or creative secret it is that you have, share it with the world. Who knows, this might be your next big business venture.


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