Get a beautiful, bronzed glow anytime and anywhere with Tan On The Run’s mobile service and top-quality product line. 

Luxury mobile spray tan service, Tan On The Run, is dedicated to delivering quality, unrivalled service provided in the convenience of your own home or venue of choice. By using the highest quality exclusive sunless tanning solutions derived from ethically sourced ingredients and technicians, the brand ensures 100% satisfaction. Tan On The Run is loved and adored by celebrities and media personalities alike, which is why it is so popular.

Due to an obvious change in social climate as a result of recent COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, the brand has adapted its practices to ensure proper safety precautions are in place in order to continue to allow their loyal customer base to get their glow on all year round. 

New protocols on the brands’ mobile service include:

  1. Wearing a face mask
  2. Wearing gloves
  3. Bringing Hand sanitizer
  4. Having the client provide his or her own towel
  5. Wiping down equipment after each client use

Tan On The Run will also ensure customers have not travelled in the last 14 days or are showing any symptoms before booking an appointment. 

With salons and spas closed, the mobile service is a convenient alternative for getting a beautiful bronzed glow as a perk-me-up during the cold winter months. You can expect fabulous results from the brand’s quality service and product line, designed to give you a gorgeous glow all year round- even under these challenging circumstances.

For example, Tan On The Run’s QUARANTAN Kit was designed for easy at-home application and includes an exfoliating mitt, spray, body kabuki brush, and a set of tanjamas to wear after application. After testing the kit, I can confidently say it rivals other tanning products on the market, resulting in a beautiful streak-free application that is mess free and easy to apply. The brand’s Shea butter (to use post-shower) is also super luxe and helps ensure you get the most out of your tan. Nicole Hyatt, CEO of Tan On The Run, is the Queen of luxury tanning and knows how important it is to use a quality moisturizer for optimal results.  

For those hesitant to use DHA products, the brand offers a liquid bronzer that washes off ensuring an ideal application every time. It can be applied over foundation or on its own, it can be used to tint your moisturizer & foundation (this way you don’t have to buy new makeup with the change of season) plus, you can contour with it! 

Tan On The Run is a must-try! The brand delivers amazing products and services and ensures the safety of its customer base through the implementation of COVID-19 protocols into its practices. 

Check out Tan On The Run’s website here for more details on their products, services and protocols. 

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Don’t forget to get your glow on!