Whether he’s the man who taught you how to ride a bike or the one who puts a smile on your face with his dad jokes, Father’s Day is the time when we get to show our dads just how much they mean to us. If we made a gift list for the countless varieties of dads out there, our list may never end! Instead, we’ve honed in on different types of cannabis consuming fathers and the gifts that will make them feel special on a day meant to celebrate all the things that they love. We partnered with the Canadian cannabis company Figr to curate a gift guide for every kind of cannabis-loving father figure in your life. With a list ranging from vaporizers, to rolling papers, to punny cards, we break down which gifts fit with each dad persona.

Focusing on pulling together the highest quality, Canadian-made products for our list, Figr leveraged its backbone of multigenerational Canadian farmers who know a thing or two about family.

“We know that more than ever, people are looking for ways to support local. We’re proud to be a company that looks for ways we can support other Canadian-owned businesses.” says Figr’s President Harvey Carroll.

When it comes to picking out something special for your dad, no matter which type you have, we’ve got you covered.

The Every DadFigr’s Master Vapourizer

Is it just me or does it seem like every dad can be hard to buy for? Well, this sleek vapourizer — made by Canadian licensed producer Figr — is sure to please. Designed for simplicity and portability, the Master Vapourizer uses two configured temperature settings for ideal delivery of concentrates.

Compatible with Figr’s Master Pods, choose between four all-natural flavours including Mixed Berry, Melon, Citrus, and Terpene — or pick him up the whole lot!

The Eco-Friendly DadPØKE

Is your dad the green dad through-and-through? If so, the PØKE is perfect for him. Handcrafted and designed to help create the perfect cone, the PØKE is the perfect tool to help roll and pack your joints.

Manufactured by Goodwood in the Niagara region of Ontario, $1 of every sale going towards supporting Cannabis Amnesty, and at least one tree is planted by Trees for the Future with each purchase.


The Chill DadThe Hippy Rolling Papers with Tips

Is your dad the Matthew McConaughey of dads? Remind him of relaxing at the cottage with these rolling papers that feature a unique 50/50 blend of flax and hemp. 100% all natural, unbleached and unrefined – you can see the fibers still intact within each paper.

Canadian Lumberjack is a company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a Canadian heart. “As Canadians, we want to ensure Canadian Lumber products not only represent Canada’s values but lead by example for the rest of the industry.” Papers are tested by Guelph University to ensure they are allergen free and you can find the test results on their site.

The Joker Dad Love is a Joint Effort Card

Is your dad always cracking dad jokes? Is he the funny guy with a quick wit and an awesome sense of humour? Well, what kind of dad wouldn’t appreciate a good dad joke any day of the year, let alone on Father’s Day? No matter what gift you give your dad this year, be sure you include a card featuring a cannabis-inspired pun.

Made by Ohai, these cards are designed and printed in Vancouver on FSC certified hemp paper.

The Culinary DadFigr Oil No. 1

Is your dad a foodie? With so many cannabis cookbooks published, give your dad his next cooking ingredient with Figr Oil no.1.

It’s a balanced oil with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD that is produced without using harmful chemicals–all of which makes it great for your dad’s next batch of edibles.

The Adventurous DadRoad Trip Kit

Is your dad the one that likes to get out into the great outdoors? This Road Trip Kit is the perfect pack for urban adventurers and perfect for your dad to take camping, hiking or whenever he is out exploring. The water-resistant and tanned, made-of-vegetables leather holds papers, tips, a vapourizer, grinder card, lighter and storage tin.

Made by Susana Erazo of HIDE Boutique (Toronto, Ontario), this Road Trip Kit is sold by Milkweed, a store focused on finding quality, Canadian-made cannabis accessories.

The Artistic DadPinch Bowl

Is your dad into one-off items that fit his artist spirit? Are you searching for a gift that is both beautiful and functional? This local, handmade ceramic pinch bowl looks great on any table while still being discreet. Each tray is individually crafted by hand with slight variations in shape and colour making each one truly unique.

Sourced and sold by Village Bloomery in Vancouver, a store focused on supporting the local economy and enriching their community.