This month will mark two years since cannabis was legalized in Canada, but will Canadians be open to talking about it at the dinner table this Thanksgiving – or will some choose to hide their habits?

To find out, Cannabis brand FIGR commissioned a national survey through research firm Maru/Blue and asked Canadians about their cannabis consumption habits during family events and holidays. Read on to find out how open users are to discussing cannabis and where the stigmas still remain!

  • Out of a range of relationships, most cannabis consumers say that they are comfortable discussing their personal cannabis use with their friends (88%), significant other (68%) or their siblings (60%).
  • But cannabis might not be a dinner table topic because less than half (39%) of cannabis users were comfortable discussing their consumption with their parents.
  • Chances of talking about your toke are even lower if grandma is around because users are about as comfortable talking about their cannabis use with their grandparents (14%) as they are with their boss (17%).
  • When it comes to whether Canadians will be flying high this Thanksgiving, 36% of users are likely to consume cannabis before a meal on special occasions or holidays.
  • But they might not puff puff pass with the family just yet because 35% of users said they are likely to secretly or discreetly consume cannabis during a family holiday event this year.

“In 2019, we surveyed Canadians and asked if they felt like cannabis was more socially acceptable since legalization and almost 6 in 10 (59%) said yes. In 2020, we can see a notable shift in the normalization of cannabis, but understandably, some may not be comfortable sharing their consumption with every person in their life yet,” said Harvey Carroll, President of FIGR Brands Inc. “When it comes to not wanting to talk to your boss about cannabis, I like to think FIGR employees don’t share that sentiment!”