A specialty haircare line that was created by influencer and beauty guru, Negin Mirsalehi. What makes this incredibly unique is that all of Negin’s products are cruelty-free and derived with honey directly from the Mirsalehi family’s bee garden. Promising ethical and sustainable extraction practices, Gisou is also free from sulphates and silicone.

Honey Infused Hair Oil 3.4 fl.oz. $84 

My go-to product from the line:  

The Honey infused hair oil is such a unique, fantastic treatment. This is the first product that was released and my personal favourite. Not only is this product great for daily use but what stands out is the versatility of it. It can be used as a pre-styler, hair mask or finisher. With its conditioning and strengthening properties, this product really helped with the overall health and nourishment of my hair. This oil not only smells amazing, but it is visually lavish and makes you feel a sense of luxury when using it.

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