Let’s face it, traveling can often be stressful. Driving to work in a car could pose several challenges, including traffic, high gas prices, and expensive repairs. Investing in a quick way to get to work or school without paying a fortune or sitting in hours of traffic is something that all city dwellers desire. Enter GOTRAX’s G4, the affordable solution to your transportation problems.

Since 2017, GOTRAX, a leading producer of electric scooters and e-bikes, has been dedicated to producing fun, affordable, eco-friendly electric ride’s that broadened the realm of possibility. As people around the world are getting more conscious about the consumption of fossil fuels, and the outside world has shifted back to its normal routine, electric bikes and scooters have gained significant popularity as they offer consumers a greener and more convenient mode of transportation

Fun fact: For every litre of gasoline consumed, 2.31 kg of CO2 is produced. Your daily commute on an electric vehicle can help the world save nearly 100 million litres of gas per day.

HOLR had the pleasure of testing out the G4 over the past month, an electric scooter from GOTRAX’s G series, designed specifically for commuters who want to travel far and fast, without breaking the bank on gas. Below is our honest review!


The scooter arrived in a large box with ample protective covers, a detailed user manual, a charger, a tire pump valve, screws, and an Allen wrench. Although the scooter is mostly assembled, there are a few steps you need to do yourself, such as installing the handlebars – but the user manual breaks these steps down so that they are simple and easy to follow. It also provides a detailed diagram of the scooter, so you know exactly what and where everything is, and an easy-to-read list of the console functions.

One of the best things about GOTRAX in comparison to other electric scooter brands on the market is that it strikes a great balance between value, performance, and security. Not only is the G4 significantly cheaper than other models on the market, but it’s super easy to use and store. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that the G4 comes with not only a 4-digit combination cable lock on the stem, but an additional 3-digit electronic lock on the console that will beep, flash its lights, and activate the brake if anyone tries to turn it on and use it without the correct code.

In the past, I’d typically uber to and from work, which cost me roughly $30-$40 a day, and often resulted in my having to leave considerably early due to traffic. With the G4 this was no longer the case. Its powerful battery (which fully charges in just 5 hours), enabled me to travel 25 miles before it required re-charging, and go up to 20 mph in gear 2. This was amazing on my daily commute to work (about 3.5 miles away from my house), as I could go anywhere from 3-4 days before having to recharge, and it allowed me to get to work in under 20 minutes. 

Another amazing feature of the G4 is the convenient LCD, which allows you to view your speed in addition to keeping track of the battery life, so you never have to worry about speed limits or running out of power. I also couldn’t get over how smooth the ride was. Thanks to the 10-inch pneumatic airless tires, I could easily handle any bumps in the road without feeling out of control. Additionally, for those concerned about safety while riding a scooter on an open road, the G4 comes with a break- light triggered as soon as you press the hand break, as well as a taillight, and headlight which you can easily turn on and off by holding the + button for 3 seconds.

Overall, my experience with the G4 has been amazing. It’s not only made my daily commutes simpler and quicker, but I also feel great powering it up every day knowing the positive impact I have on the environment. So, if you’re trying to travel greener, more conveniently, and for a fraction of the cost, I highly recommend the G4 electric scooter by GOTRAX.